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  • Aging well with gold coast masters cycling club

    Ride your bike to age better

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 10 months ago

    New research that studied cyclists finds that bicycling helps keep the body young and healthy. (Includes audio and video.)

  • Safety recall swissstop exotherm disc brake pads

    SwissStop Disc Brake Pads Recalled

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 10 months ago

    SwissStop EXOTherm disc brake pads are under recall because they may come apart and present a crash risk. Check to see if your brake pads are affec...

  • Bicycling beers and brewers

    Bicycling Beers and Brewers

    Posted by Jayne Rutter | 10 months ago

    Bikes and beers are a common combo, so we've put together a 12-pack of bike-themed beers to quench your thirst. Grab one of these topical brews for...

  • Skydio r1 self flying camera for cyclists

    Skydio R1 drone tracks and videos your ride - even through the trees

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 10 months ago

    The Skydio R1 is a new, self-flying action camera that follows and videos your ride like no drone before. This AI device dodges obstacles to autono...

  • What is a womens specific bike

    What is a Women's-Specific Bike?

    Posted by Christian Woodcock | 11 months ago

    Bicycles specifically for women aren't just smaller and pink variations of men's bikes, they're designed for women's sizes, proportions, and shapes...

  • Epic ride belgian waffle ride c

    The Epic Ride Phenomenon

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 11 months ago

    What's the deal with the popularity of big, crazy, hard rides? Like transmuted Grand Fondos, they combine mass participation, stupidly hard riding,...

  • Specialized allez safety recall 180223

    Specialized recalling 2018 Allez bikes due to fork defect

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 11 months ago

    Specialized has stopped the sale of 2018 Allez bikes and is voluntarily recalling those already sold due to a fork manufacturing defect. Learn more...

  • Speed skating and cycling

    Speed skating and cycling - the similarities are uncanny

    Posted by Phil Tahmindjis | 11 months ago

    The Winter Olympics don't have any cycling, per se, but you'll find there's a lot in common with ice speed skating. We look into the similarities o...

  • Folding collapsible helmets

    Folding Bike Helmets: Are they safe? Practical?

    Posted by Josh Palmer | 12 months ago

    Folding / collapsing bike helmets make carrying them much easier so they are on hand and ready to protect. We look at how they came about, who they...

  • Svg haute route alps descending 1

    Experiencing the Haute Route Alps

    Posted by Shawn VanGassen | 12 months ago

    Shawn and Kim took on 550 miles and 73,000 climbing feet of Alpine cols in the Haute Route Alps. They recount the beauty and challenge of the rides...

  • Pinarellodogmaf10 by bikeforcedocklands

    How to look after your new road bike

    Posted by Sam Spencer | 12 months ago

    How to treat your new road bike to increase it's life span.

  • Blind cyclist reviews infinity bike seat

    Blind cyclist reviews Infinity Bike Seat

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | about 1 year ago

    Infinity saddles look different, but when you're blind looks don't matter. What's important is how it feels, and Eric Oyen shares his opinion of th...

  • Shoshauna routley crashed out of tour de delta white spot road race1

    Meet rider and writer Shoshauna Routley

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | about 1 year ago

    Retired pro cyclist Shoshauna Routley joins BikeRoar as a regular contributor. She shares about her life, how she got into racing, why she's writin...

  • Rocky mountain bicycles safety recall

    Rocky Mountain recalls mountain bikes due to crash hazard

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | about 1 year ago

    Select models of Rocky Mountain's 2018 mountain bikes are being recalled because improperly secured brake housing presents a crash risk. Check to s...

  • Article viral social media of 2017

    Top viral cycling social media posts of 2017

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | about 1 year ago

    These posts were watched and shared the most in 2017. Don't miss out on what your fellow cyclists were liking and sharing.

  • Article most popular of 2017

    12 most popular BikeRoar articles of 2017

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | about 1 year ago

    Everyone was checking out these articles and reviews in 2017. Here's another chance for you to see BikeRoar's most popular bicycling articles and n...

  • Bas air dh run 705

    Opinion: Do we really need 29-inch DH bikes?

    Posted by Josh Palmer | about 1 year ago

    29er downhill bikes are beginning to top podiums in World Cup DH races. BikeRoar ponders if 29in DH bikes are necessary and considers benefits and ...

  • Mega 52g9593

    Riding technical terrain

    Posted by Mark Orton | about 1 year ago

    How to ride more difficult, technical terrain and deal with new, unfamiliar situations. Skills that apply to mountain bike riding and carry over to...

  • Velocit%c3%a9 cafe bike shop and cafe 1

    Why buy local? Supporting your local bike shop

    Posted by Christian Woodcock | about 1 year ago

    Online shopping is here to stay, but there's more to the buying experience than just clicking deals. Give your local bike shop a visit, pick up a s...

  • Kenyan kids bike to school wbr

    Together We Rise: bicycles making a difference

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | about 1 year ago

    Distance, dangerous routes, and cultural expectations stand between many girls and their education. Bicycles empower them to rise above barriers an...

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