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  • Rocky mountain bicycles safety recall

    Rocky Mountain recalls mountain bikes due to crash hazard

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    Select models of Rocky Mountain's 2018 mountain bikes are being recalled because improperly secured brake housing presents a crash risk. Check to s...

  • Article viral social media of 2017

    Top viral cycling social media posts of 2017

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    These posts were watched and shared the most in 2017. Don't miss out on what your fellow cyclists were liking and sharing.

  • Article most popular of 2017

    12 most popular BikeRoar articles of 2017

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    Everyone was checking out these articles and reviews in 2017. Here's another chance for you to see BikeRoar's most popular bicycling articles and n...

  • Oneal greg minnaar fort bill 2017 705

    Opinion: Do we really need 29-inch DH bikes?

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    29er downhill bikes are beginning to top podiums in World Cup DH races. BikeRoar ponders if 29in DH bikes are necessary and considers benefits and ...

  • Mega 52g9593

    Riding technical terrain

    Posted by Mark Orton

    How to ride more difficult, technical terrain and deal with new, unfamiliar situations. Skills that apply to mountain bike riding and carry over to...

  • Velocit%c3%a9 cafe bike shop and cafe 1

    Why buy local? Supporting your local bike shop

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Online shopping is here to stay, but there's more to the buying experience than just clicking deals. Give your local bike shop a visit, pick up a s...

  • Kenyan kids bike to school wbr

    Together We Rise: bicycles making a difference

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    Distance, dangerous routes, and cultural expectations stand between many girls and their education. Bicycles empower them to rise above barriers an...

  • Darren berrecloth red bull rampage 2017

    Understanding Red Bull Rampage

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    Mountain biking's biggest freeride competition is a challenge of skills and nerve in some of the gnarliest terrain on earth. See what riders are up...

  • Bike medics speed to help at airport

    Bike medics speed to help at airport

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    LAX airport and the Los Angeles fire department are turning to bicycle medics to quickly respond to and aid injured travelers and workers.

  • Guidetogettinglost france summer2014 missionworkshop1

    What makes a good cycling jacket?

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    Jacket quality affects ride quality, whether you set out in rain or simply get caught out in some. BikeRoar helps you understand what makes a good ...

  • Foam tire inserts

    Foam tire inserts and the future of MTB wheels

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    More and more mountain bikers are considering foam tire inserts. We test and compare different types to find out if they deliver on tire, rim, and ...

  • Safety recall sram avid sd7 brakes

    SRAM recalls Avid Single Digit 7 bicycle brakes

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    SRAM Avid SD7 rim brakes are being voluntarily recalled because they may fail and present a crash and injury risk. Check to see if your bike or bra...

  • Clipsvsflatshero

    Clipless vs. flat pedals and shoes for MTB

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    Riders often debate the necessity of clips versus the utility of flats for mountain biking. BikeRoar breaks down the benefits to help you decide ho...

  • Interbike 2017

    Interbike 2017

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    Here's a collection of photos, info, and commentary on all the bike stuff we saw and found interesting at the industry trade show's last year in La...

  • Four seasons chicago by ryan kapp

    The Four-Season Commuter

    Posted by Jack Sweeney

    Tips from an experienced bike commuter to overcome some of the regular challenges and surprises of commuting by bicycle through all of nature's sea...

  • Towwhee review 1500x844

    TowWhee Kids Bike Tow Strap - Ridden and Reviewed

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    We review the TowWhee bicycle tow strap — a purpose-built bungee system that allows your child to join you on fun rides, even uphill or long ones, ...

  • Swooping magpie

    10 ways to survive magpie season in Australia

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Why does nearly every animal in Australia try to maim or kill you? To cyclists, the spring magpie season is no joking matter. Here's how to survive.

  • Oakley prizm glasses review jawbreakers 1

    Oakley Prizm System Jawbreaker Sunglasses Review - Do They Work?

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    We review Oakley Prizm lens technology for cycling and an answer if the enhanced-contrast lenses work and if the Jawbreaker glasses are worth buying.

  • Dsc04774s

    How to choose the best tires for mountain biking

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    There are many factors to be aware of when choosing the best tires for your mountain bike. We help make the decision easier with these explanations...

  • Niner new rlt 9 air 9 colors builds

    Niner releases new RLT 9 and AIR 9 models, new color and build options

    Posted by Anthony Morrow

    Niner brings back the RLT 9 aluminum gravel bike and the AIR 9 aluminum hardtail mountain bike and also announces new colors and build options.

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