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  • Oneal greg minnaar fort bill 2017 705

    Opinion: Do we really need 29-inch DH bikes?

    Posted by Josh Palmer | about 4 hours ago

    29er downhill bikes are beginning to top podiums in World Cup DH races. BikeRoar ponders if 29" DH bikes are necessary and considers benefits and d...

  • Mega 52g9593

    Riding technical terrain

    Posted by Mark Orton | 6 days ago

    How to ride more difficult, technical terrain and deal with new, unfamiliar situations. Skills that apply to mountain bike riding and carry over to...

  • Heading out for a bike ride by peopleforbikes

    Support bike-related causes on Giving Tuesday

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 16 days ago

    If you're feeling the bike love, help spread it by donating to a cycling-related charitable organization this #GivingTuesday or any day. Here's our...

  • Velocit%c3%a9 cafe bike shop and cafe 1

    Why buy local? Supporting your local bike shop

    Posted by Christian Woodcock | 20 days ago

    Online shopping is here to stay, but there's more to the buying experience than just clicking deals. Give your local bike shop a visit, pick up a s...

  • Big box bikes fail safety checks

    Big box store bought bikes fail basic safety checks

    Posted by Christian Woodcock | 25 days ago

    Where are you buying your new bike this Christmas? If it is from a big box or supermarket retailer, take care! The quality of build may be poor and...

  • Kenyan kids bike to school wbr

    Together We Rise: bicycles making a difference

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | about 1 month ago

    Distance, dangerous routes, and cultural expectations stand between many girls and their education. Bicycles empower them to rise above barriers an...

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