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  • Guidetogettinglost france summer2014 missionworkshop1

    What makes a good cycling jacket?

    Posted by Josh Palmer | 2 days ago

    Jacket quality affects ride quality, whether you set out in rain or simply get caught out in some. BikeRoar helps you understand what makes a good ...

  • Foam tire inserts

    Foam tire inserts and the future of MTB wheels

    Posted by Josh Palmer | 8 days ago

    More and more mountain bikers are considering foam tire inserts. We test and compare different types to find out if they deliver on tire, rim, and ...

  • Safety recall sram avid sd7 brakes

    SRAM recalls Avid Single Digit 7 bicycle brakes

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 9 days ago

    SRAM Avid SD7 rim brakes are being voluntarily recalled because they may fail and present a crash and injury risk. Check to see if your bike or bra...

  • Clipsvsflatshero

    Clipless vs. flat pedals and shoes for MTB

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 11 days ago

    Riders often debate the necessity of clips versus the utility of flats for mountain biking. BikeRoar breaks down the benefits to help you decide ho...

  • Interbike 2017

    Interbike 2017

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 17 days ago

    Here's a collection of photos, info, and commentary on all the bike stuff we saw and found interesting at the industry trade show's last year in La...

  • Four seasons chicago by ryan kapp

    The Four-Season Commuter

    Posted by Jack Sweeney | 22 days ago

    Tips from an experienced bike commuter to overcome some of the regular challenges and surprises of commuting by bicycle through all of nature's sea...

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