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  • 5 great tires for gran fondos

    5 Great Tires for Gran Fondos

    Posted by Marcus Speed | about 2 hours ago

    We looked at the demands of a gran fondo and picked 5 tires to fit the bill. Ride well with three all-round performers, one for dry conditions, and...

  • Top road disc brake bikes crop

    Top road disc brake bikes

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 6 days ago

    Road disc bikes have rolled past controversy and are now becoming the standard, from everyday riders to World Tour racers. Here are our picks of th...

  • Peter sagan wins people's choice classic mspeed 180114a

    Sprinting with Sagan

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 14 days ago

    World champion Peter Sagan answers BikeRoar's questions about the season, his keys to success, and he gives his tips and advice to aspiring cyclist...

  • 2011621 blacksmith fitting area

    5 important questions when buying a road bike

    Posted by Joey Esterhuyzen | 25 days ago

    Making your first road bike purchase? Use these simple questions to make sure you get the most out of the transaction and roll away happy.

  • Article shimano tourney altus acera alivio

    Differences between Shimano Tourney, Altus, Acera, and Alivio components

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 25 days ago

    Are there significant differences in Shimano's lower-end groupsets? We show the range from top to bottom and explain where these entry-level compon...

  • Sunset bike ride holding hands

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Cyclists

    Posted by Jayne Rutter | about 1 month ago

    If you love a cyclist, show your affection for them and their passion by giving one of these bike-related Valentine's Day gifts.

  • Gravel ride brandywine valley roubaix by garen meguerian 1

    6 top gravel bikes under $2000

    Posted by Marcus Speed | about 1 month ago

    Our top 6 picks for gravel / adventure bikes around $2000. These are for cyclists who like on and off-road riding and value at a moderate price point.

  • Bicycle helmet technology

    Today's helmet tech reduces rotational-impact head injuries

    Posted by Josh Palmer | about 2 months ago

    We examine the latest in bicycle helmets – much improved protection than those of yesteryear, with designs and materials to handle the complex inte...

  • Get more cycling motivation with these incentive and reward apps

    Get more cycling motivation with these incentive and reward apps

    Posted by Jayne Rutter | 2 months ago

    Bicycling is great just because, but if you're in need of some added motivation for pedaling your bike, we have some suggestions for incentive and ...

  • Eat drink be merry 24 hour race

    Eat, Drink and be Merry: 5 tips to success at a 24 hour race

    Posted by Andrew Handyside | 3 months ago

    It is a tough discipline, but there are ways through the haze and fog of pain and exhaustion when you set out to tackle a 24 hour race. Here's how.

  • Stocking stuffer ideas for cyclists

    Stocking stuffer ideas for cyclists

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 3 months ago

    Fill the stocking of your favorite bike rider this holiday with one of these gift ideas.

  • Best time salesman customer bike shop depositphotos 110289362 original

    When is the best time of year to buy a bike?

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 3 months ago

    Choosing your shopping season wisely can pay off with good deals on great bikes. We consider some of the factors that sway prices up or down, and c...

  • Holiday gift guide for cyclists

    Holiday Gift Guide 2017

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 3 months ago

    You've got a cyclist on your 'nice list' and we have some ideas they'll be sure to appreciate. Check out these Christmas / holiday gift picks.

  • Dedaccia bb by ruckus

    7 things to look for when buying a carbon road bike

    Posted by Christian Woodcock | 3 months ago

    Before spending thousands of dollars on any carbon road bike, check out these tips. They'll help you fine tune your decision to get the bike that y...

  • News bike tickets nathaniel gonzalez01

    Bicycle driving license - do you have to carry ID?

    Posted by Thomas Kowal | 3 months ago

    With some exceptions, cyclists around the world have the same rights, privileges, and obligations as motorists. Is a bike license or identification...

  • Why you may never need to bunnyhop your bike again

    Why you may never need to bunnyhop your bike again

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 4 months ago

    A bunnyhop should certainly be in your arsenal of bike skills, but a pop or punch approach to trail obstacles and ledges might be a better approach...

  • Cycling coach 705

    How to pick a cycling coach

    Posted by Shoshauna Routley | 4 months ago

    A good cycling coach can make you a better cyclist, but how do you pick the right one? We tell you the things to look for and explain how they matt...

  • Cycling dressing for the winter chill

    Dressing for the winter chill

    Posted by Christian Woodcock | 4 months ago

    8 must-have items for your winter cycling wardrobe. Get this gear to keep warm and keep pedaling through the cold, the wet, and the snow of winter ...

  • Dontgiveup original

    Don't give up on your road bike

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 4 months ago

    Cycling isn't an easy sport and you may have contemplated giving up, but there are plenty of rewarding reasons to stay in the saddle of your road b...

  • Mtb rut original

    How to ride rutted out trails

    Posted by Josh Palmer | 4 months ago

    Riding trail ruts can be a big challenge, as one wrong move can lead to a bad crash. BikeRoar is here with some great tips to help you confidently ...

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