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  • Amazing techniques to master how to red bull

    Mountain Biking for Advanced Riders: 5 Amazing Techniques to Master

    Posted by Amanda Wilks | 2 months ago

    Take your mountain biking to the next level by learning these techniques - our tips will help you master them like an advanced rider to make more o...

  • Christmas gifts for cyclists

    Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 3 months ago

    What makes a cyclist smile at Christmas time? A strong tailwind, an empty road, post-ride coffee with friends, a perfect descent – and a thoughtful...

  • Braking correctly on a mountain bike merida 1

    Braking correctly on a mountain bike

    Posted by Josh Palmer | 4 months ago

    Instructions on how to use your brakes when mountain biking. Follow these tips to success and you'll improve your confidence, comfort, safety, and ...

  • Autumn mountain biking on cement creek road by rob strickland

    Fall Cycling Gear Guide

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 5 months ago

    Be prepared for the fall season and weather changes with the right gear that keeps you cycling through and enjoying the autumn colors

  • Father's day gift guide aus 2018 miguel poblet   giro d'italia 1960   saint vincent

    Australian Father's Day Gift Guide

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 6 months ago

    We love celebrating Father's Day - now for Australia cycling dads. Here's what to get your Aussie dad cyclist for the holiday to celebrate his awes...

  • Bicycle roof rack on porsche

    How to choose the perfect roof rack and transport system for your car and your needs

    Posted by Anthony Morrow | 7 months ago

    The right bike rack fits your vehicle and driving style and number of bikes and is easy to use. We've got the pros and cons of the most popular sty...

  • Sunny group ride

    What to wear for a summer of cycling

    Posted by Joey Esterhuyzen | 8 months ago

    Summer cycle clothing is typically minimal and designed to remain dry even on the sweatiest days out in the saddle.

  • Summer bikes and gear   vivid sunset by will cyclist

    Summer Bikes and Gear Guide

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 8 months ago

    The warmer and longer days of summer means you need gear that will help you manage heat, stay hydrated, and keep comfortable. We've got just the ge...

  • Fathers day biking with dad by gustavo devito

    Father's Day Cycling Gift Guide

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 9 months ago

    We've got a dozen great gift ideas for Father's Day, so treat a cycling dad with one of these and he'll surely be happy!

  • Commutecycling2 rob moments

    The Commuter - What to look for in a good commuter bike

    Posted by Marc Prosser | 9 months ago

    Here a some things to be aware of when looking for what could be your first 'serious' bike - a commuter.

  • Mothers day card with sewn bicycle c

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Cyclists

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 10 months ago

    Cycling moms deserve deserve thoughtful, well-chosen gifts. We've got some ideas for the bike riding women of your life...

  • Most expensive bikes on the planet

    The most expensive bikes on the planet

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 10 months ago

    Dream bicycles at the high-end of lightweight, performance, and luxurious encoutrements - with several to match the dream car you're probably getti...

  • What do bicycling signs mean

    What do these bicycling signs mean?

    Posted by Jayne Rutter | 10 months ago

    Bicycle related signs, symbols, and markings on roads and trails - what they look like and what they mean for motorists and cyclists

  • Bikes and gear to smooth rough rides

    Bikes and gear to smooth rough rides

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 11 months ago

    These bikes and equipment offer a smoother, more compliant ride when the road surface is rough, uneven, or there's no road at all. From patchy asph...

  • 5 great tires for gran fondos

    5 Great Tires for Gran Fondos

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 12 months ago

    We looked at the demands of a gran fondo and picked 5 tires to fit the bill. Ride well with three all-round performers, one for dry conditions, and...

  • Top road disc brake bikes crop

    Top road disc brake bikes

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 12 months ago

    Road disc bikes have rolled past controversy and are now becoming the standard, from everyday riders to World Tour racers. Here are our picks of th...

  • Peter sagan wins people's choice classic mspeed 180114a

    Sprinting with Sagan

    Posted by Marcus Speed | 12 months ago

    World champion Peter Sagan answers BikeRoar's questions about the season, his keys to success, and he gives his tips and advice to aspiring cyclist...

  • 2011621 blacksmith fitting area

    5 important questions when buying a road bike

    Posted by Joey Esterhuyzen | about 1 year ago

    Making your first road bike purchase? Use these simple questions to make sure you get the most out of the transaction and roll away happy.

  • Article shimano tourney altus acera alivio

    Differences between Shimano Tourney, Altus, Acera, and Alivio components

    Posted by Marcus Speed | about 1 year ago

    Are there significant differences in Shimano's lower-end groupsets? We show the range from top to bottom and explain where these entry-level compon...

  • Sunset bike ride holding hands

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Cyclists

    Posted by Jayne Rutter | about 1 year ago

    If you love a cyclist, show your affection for them and their passion by giving one of these bike-related Valentine's Day gifts.

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