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  • Winter biking snow explosion

    How to prepare your bike suspension for winter

    Posted by Terence Giesbrecht

    Whether you plan to ride all year through the cold, or give the bike a break as the temperatures dip, use this information to prepare your bicycle'...

  • Sunride149792738 l 2015

    How to recover faster and better from hard rides

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    A hard day on the bike can leave you sore and tired. Feel better and ready to roll again with these tips and strategies for refreshing your legs an...

  • Worlds best mountainbikers

    What Do Three of the World's Best Mountain Bikers Have in Common?

    Posted by Amanda Wilks

    Standing atop the podium defines athlete success, but what makes it possible? These MTB pros share what they have in common to be the best in their...

  • Gnarly steeps body position hero 705

    How to ride gnarly steeps

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    Few things make you freeze-up in fear faster than a steep section of trails. Don't fret, BikeRoar is here to help you conquer your fears and master...

  • Cycling with friends selfie 800

    6 ways to make road cycling more fun

    Posted by Shoshauna Routley

    Bicycling is fun! Use these six tips to make it funner and better, especially if you need a little help getting your cyclist joy compass or thrill ...

  • Student on bicycle

    Student bicycle gear shopping guide

    Posted by Jayne Rutter

    This school shopping guide helps students get the gear they need to ride their bikes to classes safely, comfortably, and looking smart.

  • Sram rival v shimano 105 v campagnolo centaur

    Compare: Shimano 105 v. SRAM Rival 22 v. Campagnolo Centaur

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    A look at Campy's 11-speed updated entry-level Centaur groupset and how it stacks up to Shimano's 105 and SRAM Rival 22 road bike groups for overal...

  • Airless flat free tire bike nexo 1024x570

    Puncture proof my road bike tire

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    You're lucky if you can wear through a tire's life without getting a puncture or having it prematurely killed by road debris. Try these tips for pu...

  • Bikes2017 action smuggler2original

    How to ride slippery roots

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    One of the most intimidating features of any trail is a nasty section of off-camber, slippery roots. Bike Roar is here to calm your fears and walk ...

  • Do you even need shimano xtr

    Bro, do you really need XTR?

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    XTR is the pinnacle of Shimano's mountain bike groupsets, but is it the best for you? We look at why and when a top-end grouppo might be right, or ...

  • Clunk grind creak bike noise

    Clunk! Grind! Creak! Why is my bike making a noise?

    Posted by Terence Giesbrecht

    A noise from your bicycle can be annoying and a potential safety issue. Here is a guide to identifying and resolving bike clicks, clunks, and other...

  • Zwift and compatible indoor trainers

    Zwift and Compatible Indoor Trainers

    Posted by Jayne Rutter

    Zwift is a popular turbo trainer game / world that enhances indoor riding. Here's our guide to Zwift and compatible trainers and smart trainers, an...

  • Mountain bike toss

    Don't give up on your mountain bike!

    Posted by Josh Palmer

    Does a bad experience or crash have you feeling like quitting your MTB? Here's advice to help you address your issues and overcome the temptation t...

  • 8 favorite commuter bikes

    8 Favorite Commuter Bikes

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    Whether it's Bike Month, avoiding traffic, the desire to exercise, or simply to get out that inspires you, we have the bicycles you should look at ...

  • Summer cycling gear guide

    Summer Cycling Gear Guide

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    When the season turns hot, it's time to get the gear that keeps you cool, comfortable, and protected on the road and trail. Here's what we recommen...

  • Kids bikes for all ages sizes and disciplines

    How to choose a kid's bike

    Posted by Jayne Rutter

    We give you the key aspects to consider when shopping for kids' bicycles and give you some of our picks for various riding styles, from BMX to MTB,...

  • Mothers day gift ideas

    11 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Cycling Moms

    Posted by Jayne Rutter

    It's time to love, honor, and gift the cycling moms in your life. Check our these gift ideas we've compiled for Mother's Day covering a range taste...

  • Top bicycle pumps for bigger faster air

    Top bicycle pumps for bigger, faster air

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    You need to get your bike tires filled with air to get riding. A good pump makes it that much easier, so we look at some that do it well by giving ...

  • 10 tax refund cycling splurges

    10 Tax Refund Cycling Splurges

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    If you've got a tax refund coming (and we hope you do!), what better way to spend it than on some new bike gear? Here are some essential, practical...

  • 7 best wide road tires

    7 Best Wide Road Tires

    Posted by Marcus Speed

    There are several benefits to running wider road tires including better traction and comfort. Here's more information about going bigger and some o...

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