Tech Tips
  • Fork

    Upgrading mountain bike forks? 5 things to consider...

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    5 reasons to make suspension forks your next mountain bike upgrade.

  • Bicycle saddle sores 1

    Coping with Saddle Pain

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Saddle related pain is no fun. Here are five steps to saddle heaven.

  • Themegatamagoburger

    10 ways to keep fed and hydrated on a bike

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Avoid the dreaded bonk. Follow these steps and keep riding all day long.

  • Lightweight

    6 reasons to Upgrade my Road Wheels

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Wheels are fundamental to bike performance. Here is why you should upgrade today!

  • Bar mount

    5 things to look for when buying a heart rate monitor

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Some tips for the bike rider looking for a heart rate monitor

  • Carbon frame

    Frame Materials and What to Buy

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Steel, alloy, carbon: An easy guide to bicycle frame materials.

  • Furious fred

    Get a Grip! Top 5 Mountain Bike Tires

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Upgrade to the most appropriate tire for your riding conditions and style.

  • Flat tyre

    How to Change a Flat Tire

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    Ok, the inevitable has happened: you are riding along, minding your own business and doing something great for yourself and the environment when "B...

  • Hincapie petaluma

    5 Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    5 great gift ideas for the cycling mums out there!

  • Helmet on backwards

    Fitting a Lid and the Law

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    A 5 step helmet fitting guide and your legal obligations to wear one.

  • Mtbpedal

    Clipping In

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Clipless pedals enhance your riding in many ways. Read about the benefits.

  • 1x10

    Setting Up a Single Chainring

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    Get back to basics...the simplicity, the weight savings, and the coolness factor. Ditch the front derailleur and go single chainring!

  • Roller with rider

    Roll On Rollers

    Posted by Phil Tahmindjis

    Stationary trainers can be boring! Riding on rollers is challenging yet doable and results in many flow-on benefits.

  • Dirty road bike cycling   google search

    Keeping it Clean

    Posted by Christian Woodcock

    How do I clean my new, shiny, beautiful bike? It's a worthy question - road bikes should ALWAYS be kept in perfect showroom condition; as clean as ...

  • High vis

    Safety Checklist

    Posted by Anonymous

    When was the last time you inspected your bike before you ventured out on a ride?

  • Hit by a car

    What to Do if Hit by a Car

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    These tips are designed as a guide and only if you are not being carried away in an ambulance

  • What to carry

    What to Carry on the Ride

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    If there is one area I love to preach on, it's being self sufficient on your bike. My challenge is to get you confident to handle the majority of b...

  • 2.5k   3k bike

    What to Look for When Buying a $2500 - $3000 Road Bike

    Posted by Dax Neech

    Over the years, market trends in bicycling have changed dramatically, and the number of choices you now have is greater than ever before. At $2500 ...

  • Boxing a bike

    How to Box Your Bike

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    Taking your bike away with you on a plane can be a nerving experience. You have invested a heap of coin into your pride and joy and lets face it we...

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