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12 Most popular BikeRoar articles of 2016

12 Most popular BikRoar articles of 2016
Here are the 12 most popular articles on BikeRoar in 2016.
image: Anthony D. Morrow | BikeRoar

Another year is coming to a close, but before the door shuts, we look back at what was popular with BikeRoar readers in 2016. Our cycling community continued to enjoy helpful, unbiased cycling news, tips, advice, and reviews. For roadies, carbon wheels are a much sought after upgrade, and the Tour de France a tentpole of entertainment. For mountain bikers, products like tires and dropper posts drew attention, as did SRAM's much evolved MTB group lineup. Fatbikes are getting bigger, helmets are getting better, and our quest to rid the stench from our cycling clothes and gear persists.


Here are the 12 most popular articles of 2016 and others that continue to top the charts.

12. You Stink! How to eliminate odor in cycling clothes and gear.

Do your bike clothes and gear stink? Here's how to get the odor out and what might be causing it to smell.

11. MIPS Helmets: How do they work? Should you use one?

There are more MIPS equipped helmets on the market than ever before, so BikeRoar takes a look at how they work and if you should be riding with one.

10. Biking to Lose Weight

Cycling is a great way to lose weight and you don’t have to wear Spandex to make it happen. Here is some advice for success.

9. SpeedX: Is a smart bike a smart buy?

With a successful Kickstarter campaign, SpeedX offers a fully integrated smart bike for a budget price. BikeRoar asks: How is this possible? and should you rush out to buy one?

8. Best new bike accessories for 2016

We've seen the release of some truly advanced bike accessories this year, and now we share our list of the ones we think are best.

7. Dropper Posts: How do they work and do I need one?

Having a button on your handlebars that allows you to control your saddle height has revolutionized the way we ride bikes. Take a look as BikeRoar breaks down how dropper posts work and why you will need one.

6. Why women are better cyclists than men

Women handle stress better, are more organized, and take fewer risks, making them better bikers then men. Don't believe us? BikeRoar has the science to prove it.

5. SRAM MTB 2016 Lineup: A quick round up and comparison

With the addition of Eagle and NX to SRAM's already comprehensive collection of mountain bike componentry groups, here's a run-down of SRAM's offerings to date for the 2016 season.

4. MY BIG FAT BIKE DILEMMA: The evolving specs and geometry of fatbikes

The appeal of a fatbike is simple, but go to buy one and get swarmed by a variety of rim widths, hub dimensions, and tire sizes. BikeRoar is here to break down all these specs and sizes and help you understand which fatbike is best for you.

3. Carbon vs Alloy road wheels: Are they worth the upgrade?

We look at the benefits of carbon road bike wheels for the average cyclist and if you should pay to upgrade from your alloy wheelset.

2. Tour de France 2016: Preview & Predictions

The 103rd annual Tour de France is set to begin Saturday July 2nd and should be an exciting 3 weeks. BikeRoar brings you our preview and predictions for the 2016 Tour de France.

1. 6 Best Mountain Bike Tires for 2016

Moving forward into 2016 BikeRoar brings you their choices for the best MTB tires for this season. There are some familiar faces in this list and some brand new tires that are sure to keep you rolling.

BONUS: Ever popular articles

These articles came out before 2016, but remain popular and helpful.

1. Why you must run wider tires on your road bike

Ever even bothered checking what width tires you're running? We show why you would be crazy to run skinny, hard tires anymore.

2. Mountain bike groupset comparison: Shimano vs. SRAM

We compare some fundamentals of mountain bike groupsets from Shimano and SRAM. What level do you need?

3. What to look for when buying a new road bike: 2015 Shimano groupset guide

The 2015 Shimano road groupset range explained. What do you need on your new steed?

4. 5 Best entry level cyclocross bikes

Cyclocross is a rapidly gaining popularity outside its traditional European stomping ground. Here are 5 bikes that could get you started into this exciting and fun discipline.

5. Choosing a Shimano road groupset. Dura Ace, Ultegra or 105?

Shimano offers a wide range of groupset options to allow the buyer to choose which level of componentry they would like. Which one is right for you?

6. 5 of the best TT, Triathlon or Ironman bikes for racers on a budget

These 5 wind cheating weapons of self-inflicted pain and Strava destruction are a racer's pick when the drafting rules send you into the wind, alone.


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