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Christmas Gifts for Cyclists 2016

Christmas Gift ideas for cyclists 2016
What will you give the cyclists in your life this Christmas?

Cyclists are notoriously fussy and buying gifts for them can feel like it's more trouble than it's worth. Here at BikeRoar we just want to help... so we pulled together some great gift ideas for the cyclists on your list.

Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro Sunglasses - $170 USD

Adidas Evil Eye Sunglasses
With antifog and removable sweat blocker, these are perfect for riding.

Good sunglasses are a must for every cyclist. They need to be comfortable with a secure fit, and ideally they should be suitable for use all year round. These sweet sunnies from Adidas tick all the boxes. Perfect for murky winter rides and sunny summer ones alike, their anti-fog coating, fluorescent highlights, and a removable sweat blocker make them a good fit for every rider. The Vario lenses used by Adidas transform from being completely clear to dark in just 20 seconds.

Upso Stirling Seat Pack - $30 USD

Upso Stirling Seat Pack
This unique bag is perfect for any bike aficionado.

Saddle bags can be a bit of a boring accessory - handy to have, but definitely not exciting. The Stirling from British manufacturer Upso is probably no more exciting than its saddle-bag brothers, but at least the way it's made is a bit different. Constructed from recycled big-rig truck tarpaulins, every part of each bag is either upcycled or recycled, and they're made using solar powered sewing machines. Maybe a bit smug, but still pretty cool.

Patagonia Capilene midweight zip-neck base layer - $48 USD

Patagonia Capilene midweight zip-neck base layer
Looking for some warmth? Look no further than this shirt from Patagonia.

A great gift for riders in the cooler Northern Hemisphere this time of year, this warm yet breathable base layer from Patagonia is the perfect garment to wear underneath a long jersey for a winter ride. With elastic thumb loops to prevent it riding up the forearms and cleverly-placed seams that avoid chafing from backpacks, it's the ideal reason to ignore the weather and just get out and ride.



Ella Doran Bike Wheel Coasters - $19.90 USD

Ella Doran Bike Wheel Coasters
Looking for a quick inexpensive gift? Bike wheel coasters to the rescue!

If you need a gift for a beer-swilling hippie cyclist determined to protect their furniture, this is the one. This Ella Doran-designed set of four wheel-inspired coasters looks super hip, looks the business, and will save the table tops.

Fifty Bicycles That Changed The World - $15 USD

Fifty Bicycles That Changed The World
A nice coffee table book is always a good gift.

A delightful journey into the history of our beloved bicycle. This bike-lover's coffee table book from the British Design Museum highlights some of the most influential and beautiful bikes ever built, from the earliest Penny-Farthing to the latest carbon TT machines.

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Headphones - $129.95 USD

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium
Wireless and safe headphones? Sign us up!

Most cyclists love to listen to their favorite tunes or catch up on a podcast while they're out riding, but blocking out the sounds of traffic and other road users can be a dangerous practice. The solution? Trekz Titanium open-ear headphones. They sit above the ears and deliver sound via mini-vibrations through the cheekbones and straight into the inner ear, meaning car horns and other traffic noise can still be heard - and they also function as a hands-free phone kit, so you can receive and make calls. Sweatproof, secure, lightweight, and comfortable, they make a great Christmas gift without compromising safety.



Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses - $449 USD

Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses
Oakley steps the tech up in their new Radar Pace glasses.

These high-tech glasses do much more than simply provide eye protection. The Radar Pace blends eyewear with smart technology to deliver a revolutionary voice-activated real-time coaching platform. The glasses are embedded with a variety of sensors, including ANT+ protocol, and deliver audio cues during a ride or race.

The audio cues can be delivered in 5 languages, and the integrated Bluetooth system within the glasses will sync up with any smartphone to play music or answer a call.

Delivering instant and constantly-updated data on altitude, humidity, temperature, heart rate, speed, and distance, these state-of-the-art specs will also talk to any ANT+ power device, such as a Garmin computer or a Stages Power Meter.

Stages Power Meter 105 5800 - $529.99 USD

Stages Power Meter 105 5800
Stay ahead of the pack with the new Stages Power Meter.

All true cyclists want to get stronger, better, and faster, and the most efficient way to do this is by using a power meter. The Stages power meter comes in the form of a left-side crank arm (Shimano 105 for example, but many other brands and models are available), which makes installation a simple matter, and it uses Bluetooth and ANT+ to pair with any compatible computer or smartphone app.

Silca T-Ratchet multitool and Ti-Torque Travel Torque Extension - $98 USD

Silca T-Ratchet multitool and Ti-Torque Travel Torque Extension
This slick tool would be the perfect gift for any cyclist.

It takes a long time to say the name, but this little multitool is simple and easy to use and will make a great gift. Complete with a built-in torque wrench, the compact and lightweight T-Ratchet lets your favorite cyclist accurately and easily tighten bolts to the correct torque setting, taking the guesswork and risk out. In addition to being an accurate and lightweight torque wrench, the T-Ratchet section magnetically converts between a T-Handle tool, thumb stabilized ratchet tool, and flag handled screwdriver.

Zulu Glowing Bike - $300 USD

Zulu GLOW bike
Yes it's a fully glowing bike, the stuff of childhood dreams.

Take safety to a whole new level with the GLOW bike from Zulu. As the name suggests, it glows in the dark! The white paint (white in the daytime, that is) is solar-activated, so an hour of direct sunlight in the daytime will give the bike an hour of glow-in-the-dark, bright green neon night-time power!

The Zulu comes in the form of a single speed fixed-gear bike with a flip-flop rear hub... flip the rear wheel around and it becomes a freewheeling single speed. Give the gift of safety through visibility... or just take it to a rave.



X-Fire Laser Bike Lane - $29.95 USD

X-Fire Laser Bike Lane
Bring your own bike lane wherever you go with this handy laser light.

This cool twin laser beam, dubbed the "Cyclist's Virtual Safety Lane," is a device that mounts on a bicycle seat and emits two red laser "virtual lanes," one on either side of the bike. The idea is to increase and improve safety, showing a suitable passing distance when cycling on dark highways, paths or anywhere else. The six-foot long lanes are said to be visible from a mile away.

Scosche Boom Bottle - $74.99 USD

Scosche Boom Bottle
The BoomBottle fits a bottle cage for those rolling dance parties.

The BoomBottle is a wireless Bluetooth speaker designed for riders who like to take their tunes with them, but don't want to wear headphones. It fits snugly into a standard water bottle cage and comes with a built-in microphone that can be operated using any smart phone - perfect for communicating with, or giving directions to, other riders in races or organized events. Weatherproof and hard-wearing, the BoomBottle lets you take your music anywhere and the rechargeable lithium battery lasts about 10 hours.

Shut Up Legs Cycling Shirt - $30 USD

Shut Up Legs Cycling Shirt
SHUT UP LEGS! Enough said...

Every cyclist - literally EVERY CYCLIST - loves Jens Voigt. You can't go wrong with an iconic T-Shirt from the man himself. Even if it makes no sense to you, the cyclist in your life will love it. Guaranteed.

Garmin Edge 1000 GPS Performance Bundle - $599 USD

Garmin Edge 1000
The Garmin Edge 1000 is a must have for serious cyclists.

The Garmin Edge 1000 GPS unit lets cyclists connect, compare and compete to get the most from their training and racing. See real-time Garmin Connect segment results as they happen, including alerts for segment start and finish and leaderboard rankings.

The Bundle comes with the GPS unit plus heart rate, speed and cadence sensors. All this incoming data helps the rider improve through constant monitoring and adds an extra element of healthy competition to everyday rides.

De Rosa SK Pininfarina (Ultegra Di2 - 2016) - $5600 USD

De Rosa SK Pininfarina (Ultegra Di2 - 2016)
The De Rosa SK Pininfarina is a beatiful gift for those who want to truly spoil someone

De Rosa's stunning new flagship, the SK Pininfarina with Di2 electronic shifting, is here - and what a gift it would make this Christmas! Sure, it might seem a bit excessive, but before you say "NO" just take a quick look.

A collaboration of De Rosa technology and Pininfarina's famous design, this is a bike made to race and to turn heads. The De Rosa SuperKing carbon frame and fork are supported by a magnificent set of Fulcrum Racing Quattro wheels with Vittoria Rubino tires, and Shimano's renowned Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting ensures every gear change is silky smooth, super precise and lightning fast. The 3T finishing kit, including a 3T Arx Pro stem, Ergonova handlebars and a Prologo Kappa Evo saddle, adds even more class to an already-impressive package. So if your favorite cyclist has been very, very good this year... No? No chance at all?

[Editor's Note: If you have extra cash and panache, keep it all Italiano and go for the Pininfarina with Campy Super Record EPS build. Ugo would have wanted it that way.]



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