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10 Most popular BikeRoar articles of 2015

10 Most popular articles of 2015
10 Most popular articles of 2015

The end of the year wouldn't be complete without a look back at what was popular. In 2015, BikeRoar readers enjoyed more helpful cycling content than ever before. Our bicycling community continues to look for speed, aero, and value - no surprise there. Readers are assessing new and growing trends ("Wider tires", "Cyclocross 101") and comparing the latest groupsets ("Shimano road", "Ultegra v. SRAM"). And it's refreshing to see, even with our pursuit of faster and better, the fun and entertainment of cycling is still important ("Make mountain biking more fun", "Odd bike laws", "Jackson Goldstone").

Here are the 10 most popular articles of 2015 and a few extra from before that continue to top the charts for good reasons.

1. Why you must run wider tires on your road bike

Ever even bothered checking what width tires you're running? We show why you would be crazy to run skinny, hard tires anymore. READ MORE

2. Odd Bike Laws

There are some crazy rules out there regarding proper use of a bicycle. Check out some of our favorites! READ MORE

3. What to look for when buying a new road bike: 2015 Shimano groupset guide

The 2015 Shimano road groupset range explained. What do you need on your new steed? READ MORE

4. Shimano Ultegra vs. SRAM Force 2015

We compare these road bicycle groupsets that offer high-end functionality at a more affordable price. READ MORE

5. Five Tips to make mountain biking more fun!

Mountain biking is the most fun you can have on two wheels, but can be a little tough when starting out. These tips will help newbies get their confidence on the trails. READ MORE

6. Five of the best 2015 road bikes under $3000

These five 2015 road bikes are affordable and offer a range of capabilities. Which model suits your style? READ MORE

7. Five of the best TT, Triathlon or Ironman bikes for racers on a budget

These 5 wind cheating weapons of self-inflicted pain and Strava destruction are a racer's pick when the drafting rules send you into the wind, alone. READ MORE

8. Cyclocross 101 - A beginner's guide

Cyclocross is a great way to mix things up on 2 wheels and about as much mayhem and fun that you can have on a bike. READ MORE

9. Five things you must do after riding your road bike in the rain

A little rain never hurt anyone, maybe, but is your bike really so tough? These simple steps are crucial in looking after your road bike. READ MORE

10. "When I was a kid I...." A brief history of Jackson Goldstone, the future of mountain biking

Much celebrated and only 11 years old, Jackson Goldstone is a fearless mountain biking phenomenon. READ MORE

Ever popular articles

These articles came out before 2015, but remain popular.

1. Mountain bike groupset comparison: Shimano vs. SRAM

We compare some fundamentals of mountain bike groupsets from Shimano and SRAM. What level do you need? READ MORE

2. Get a Grip! Top 5 Mountain Bike Tires

Top 5 list of mountain bike tire types to enhance your ride. READ MORE

3. What is the difference between a road race and endurance/gran fondo bike?

We describe the two key road bike types to help with the decision READ MORE

4. Why steel and titanium are better than carbon fiber

Carbon is THE material of choice these days. We explain why you're better off with steel or titanium. READ MORE



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Anthony has over 20 years of digital and traditional marketing success in a breadth of industries, but admits all that hard work has always been just a means to support his cycling habit. An avid road cyclist since “forever”, Anthony began competing in college and continued right along, racing a few years in the U.S. at the pro level. Learn more:

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