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"When I was a kid I...." A brief history of Jackson Goldstone, the future of mountain biking

Jackson Goldstone
Jackson Goldstone: from balance bike to MegaRamp and beyond.

You've probably seen the video of some crazy, balls-of-steel kid riding his runner-bike to kindergarten. If not then check this out:

Who is Jackson Goldstone?

Jackson was on a bike at age three, racing BMX at four, and now has progressed naturally to mountain bikes at an age when many of us are just working out how to use gears. What this has lead to is an attempt at the Woodward West MegaRamp, one of only 2 permanent megaramps in the world.

From Woodward: "The take-off, starting up on the hill near the Lodge at Woodward West, is approx 150 ft. long heading into 3 large options; a 50 ft., 60 ft., or 70 ft. gap jump which goes into the 27 ft tall quarter pipe".

The words hardly do the reality justice... we can only watch and be amazed that this is a 10 year old!

Remember the name. Jackson Goldstone will be pushing the limits of what is possible in mountain biking for many years to come.


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