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Christmas Cycling Gifts for Her

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Procrastinated? Still looking for the right gift for a cycling lady? Try one of these.
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Dear Santa (and partners, friends, and family of bicycling women), I've been really good this year, so I have prepared a gift wish list for me and all the other bicycling women out there. It has everything from notebooks to clothing, gadgets to dream rides. Love from me, and all the other cycling women in the world.

[Editor's Note: Jayne prepared this list well in advance, but we're like a lot of guys - last minute to get things done, including shopping, so maybe you'll think this is right on time?]

Shredly MTB short - $95 USD

Shredly MTB short
Shredly make a womens specific short in plenty of colors with a bang-on fit.

These shorts are perfect for mountain biking chicks who have nailed new challenges and who deserve a treat. The vast selection of designs gives so much choice, you may need to buy two pairs. The shorts have a waist adjuster system to allow for the waist to be taken in so the perfect fit can be achieved for any body shape. They don't have a built in chamois, but Shredly also sell separate chamois (with lace!) to fit under the shorts.

Socks and underwear from SockGuy and Urbanist - $10-$66 USD

Socks and underwear from SockGuy and Urbanist
What's this? Good looking and practical socks and underwear for cycling?

A great gift for the ladies who have ridden many miles this year, and whose socks and underwear are wearing thin. Grab Sockguy woolen style socks for extra comfort and warmth, or the 'classic' style for thinner socks. Both styles have a variety of colors and designs to show off different personalities.

For most of us women, wearing a set of fully padded chamois shorts every day for our commute to work or for a casual ride just isn't comfortable. These wonderful sets of underwear from Urbanist combine fashion and function into something we would all actually wear. With built in light padding, Urbanist make underwear that we've been needing for years.

Kiki K Goals Journal - $30 USD

Kiki K Goals Journal
Keeping track of your goals is an integral part of obtaining them. Let this little journal help!

For the ladies who love stationery! Get set for the New Year and start planning cycling goals in a funky little goals book from Kiki K. Map out your training plan and track progress. Be the best you can be and let this little book help.



Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer Sports Bra - $58 USD

Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer Sports Bra
Not just a clever name, the Ta Ta Tamer is a fantastic athletic bra.

A gal can never have too many sports bras. The Ta Ta Tamer from Lululemon will provide support to the 'ladies' on the bike. This bra is functional as it has the option of cross over straps or standard, and there's plenty of space for a heart rate monitor. The Ta Ta Tamer provides a snug and supportive fit for the most comfort while out on your bike.

Osprey Womens Raven 10 Hydropack - $130 USD

Osprey Womens Raven 10 Hydropack
Osprey knows their way around a good bag and the Raven 10 is the perfect example of that.

The Osprey Raven 10 is perfect for both commuting to work, and for longer trail rides. The Osprey women's range has a nice selection of colors that aren't too 'girly', but 'girly' enough.

The hydration hose on the pack anchors with a magnetic disk, so it's easy to attach it back after taking a drink. To keep all your tools neatly organized, this backpack has a separate compartment with a tool pouch, which you roll out when you need it. It means you don't have random tubes or multi-tools floating around your bag with your work clothes while commuting.

Cycology Dragonfly or Mondrian Jersey - $75 USD

Cycology Dragonfly and Mondrian Women's Jerseys
It's easy to see why Cycology products are some of our favorites.

The new 'sapphire blue' color Dragonfly jersey from Cycology is an intricate and delicate design. It also has a full-length zipper which makes it easy to zip off. Perfect for ladies wanting to make a statement without standing out too much, and it does this without sacrificing performance.

[Editor's Note: Cycology warns they're down to 'very light stock' of the Dragonfly, so we've added another to consider: the Mondrian has 'been the really big seller for women this year and we have good stock.']

Bike jewelery - prices vary

Bike jewelry
If she loves bikes, there's a good chance she will love bike jewelry as well.

Jewelry is usually quite a difficult item to choose as a gift. But for a biking girl, you can't go wrong with a stylish handmade piece that relates to bikes. Check the postage costs to deliver to your country, as they can be quite steep.

From the USA, consider Crank Earrings ($49 USD) by Vinqui. Or perhaps a piece that is made from recycled bike parts, like this recycled bicycle chain from Velo Bling Designs ($25 USD) with a colorful bead in the center to make a simple and sporty square link pendant necklace.

For Australian girls, consider these Bike Chain Earrings ($35 AUD) from Tread and Pedals, based in Victoria. They are made from a recycled bicycle chain.

For those in the UK, the Wheel Pendant (£119 UK) by Cycling Jewellery is a lovely looking item. Made in the UK, but delivered world wide, these handmade pieces are made from sterling silver, and can be personalized on the back with a message for an additional charge.

Ground Effect Witches Britches - $97 USD

Ground Effect Witches Britches
Built for winter riding, Witches Britches will let you go for a ride no matter what the weather.

Witches Britches are a quality product made in New Zealand. They have an 8-panel construction, which means they fit comfortably around the legs, butt, knees, and well - everywhere. For the cycling ladies coming into the winter months, give a gift that will keep them toasty warm while out on the bike.



Little Bellas Bike Calendar - $20 USD (only available in the USA)

Little Bellas Bike Calendar
This cool calendar features beautiful photos of women shredding bikes.

This gift inspires women to ride. The calendar showcases leading champions of female professional mountain biking with great action photos and accompanying text about how the professionals rise to the challenges of racing.

Lush Cosmetics Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar - $12.95 USD

Lush Cosmetics Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar
Sore and tired from the holidays? You need a massage!

The Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar is perfect to ease those aching quads and calves after a day of climbing on the bike. It has little aduki beans in it, which work into the muscles like firm fingertips. The peppermint and cinnamon give it a lovely relaxing smell. Get this bar and get ready to relax.



Après Vélo "Ride Bikes, Drink Beer, Get Awesome" Shirt - $35 USD

Après Vélo 'Ride Bikes, Drink Beer, Get Awesome' Shirt
You're lucky to know a woman who appreciates cycling and beer. That is awesome!

Apres Velo has a wide range of casual t-shirts with great slogans. My favorite is "Ride Bikes, Drink Beer, Get Awesome." Choose the perfect motto and t-shirt for your cycling woman and put it in the Christmas stocking.

Yeti ASR Beti XX1 Full-Suspension Mountain Bike - $9700 USD

Yeti ASR Beti XX1 Full-Suspension Mountain Bike
Yeti's full carbon XX1 Eagle equipped Beti is a work of pure art.

The XX1 Eagle spec Beti is absolute quality. It is the lightest full suspension bike (11.2 kg) made by Yeti and one of the best performing rides on the market. Give a mountain biking girl a surprise of a lifetime by putting this one under the Christmas tree! (Pretty please, Santa, get me one of these...!)



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