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Cyclist stocking stuffer guide

Cyclist stocking stuffer guide
Still need to find gifts or to stuff the stockings of your favorite cyclists?
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One of the benefits of having a cyclist in your life is that they always want more bike stuff and the humble stocking is the perfect place to put it. Here are a few last-minute ideas to jam into their greedy little Christmas stockings...

Backcountry Research Race Straps - $14 USD

Backcountry Research Race Straps
Simple, cheap, and secure. What more could you want from the Backcountry Race Strap?

The crew at Backcountry Research are quick to point out the folly of saddle bags - noisy, loose and just plain annoying. Not so their foolproof Race Straps - according to them Race Straps will "hold your gear with the tenacity of a honey badger while swaddling your setup like a loving mother." Sounds good, yes?

The Race Strap is available in a variety of sizes, from the XXL Mutherload which is designed to take a beefy 29er tube and a selection of tools, down to the weight-weenie friendly, roadie oriented Camrat.



Epic Socks from The Athletic - $15 USD

Epic Socks from The Athletic
These stylish cycling socks look just as good in riding shoes as they would in hipster loafers.

New socks are cool and the coolest of all are mismatched epic socks from The Athletic. They're mismatched on purpose, of course: for instance, their La Cubiste line in Kinetic Red comes with one red sock and one white one. Flashy, but awesome. Wear them in your cycling shoes or wear them in your new set of penny loafers.

Muc Off Bicycle Clean & Protect Bundle - $34.99 USD

Muc Off Bicycle Clean & Protect Bundle
This is another staple for every cyclist, cleaning products, always need them.

Whether you race, play in the mud, ride the trails, or just commute, riding will eventually take its toll on a bike. This Clean & Protect package from Muc Off lets you (or your fave cyclist) reduce the wear and tear by keeping the bike and components clean and free of road grime and dust. Complete with Muc Off's award winning Nano Tech Bike Cleaner, Bio Degreaser, and MO-94 Penetrating Lubricant, this bundle has got you covered when it comes to keeping your bike clean and protected against even the nastiest conditions.



Pedro's Tire Levers - $3.99 USD

Pedro's Tire Levers
Tire levers: quick, easy, cheap, and everyone needs them!

Is there anything worse than getting a puncture on the way to work - in the rain? Yep, having a sub-standard tire lever snap as you're rushing to fix that flat. Pedro's levers don't look much different from any other lever on the market, and they're not really - they're just way stronger. Don't compromise.



Fluorescent Socks from Cycology - $11 USD

Fluorescent Socks from Cycology
Bright pink socks? Sure, why not?

More socks?! Yep, but these are fluoro... Cyclology's new fluoro sock line comes in a fabric that provides excellent moisture wicking with mesh panels for ventilation, comfort, & durability. A nice tight elastic knit ensures a snug fit around the arch, and a mesh knit in the cuff means they won't be too tight around the calf. These socks are BRIGHT and there are color options for each day of the week.



Men's Boxer Shorts from Cycology - $13.47 USD

Men's Boxer Shorts from Cycology
What would Christmas be without new socks and underwear?

Theses classic men's boxer briefs proudly display your personal cycling obsession. They're made from a super soft and comfortable premium cotton blend, and the soft flexible waistband follows the contours of the body and is finished with the signature Cycology logo.

"Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs" Book - $34.95 USD

'Mountains: Epic Cycling Climbs' Book
This beautiful book captures everything we love about road cycling.

A beautiful story, told in words and pictures, of the dramatic landscapes that have shaped the results and determined the outcomes of cycling's biggest races. This book brilliantly captures the heartbreak, agony and triumph to be found on these epic climbs, and contains personal accounts from some of the sport's most renowned climbers. Co-written by former pro rider Michael Blann and current professional Romain Bardet, this book is a guaranteed winner.

Club Ride Apparel Gift Card - from $50 USD

Club Ride Apparel
Club Ride make some great stuff, but clothes can be hard to buy, so why not get a gift card?

Club Ride Apparel make some great bike clothing disguised as normal street clothes. They often feature hidden pockets, concealed mesh vents and other unexpected surprises. Based in Sun Valley, Idaho, Club Ride Apparel clothes have a distinctive cowboy feel, and in some cases come complete with pearl snap buttons and wide collars. Anyone on your Christmas list, male or female, who likes to ride a bike will probably find something cool from Club Ride, and the prices are comparable to other top cycling brands - but a lot more fun.

Azur Cyclops Bike Light Combo - $34.99 USD

Azur Cyclops Bike Light Combo
Ultra compact and easy to use, these simple lights are a great, affordable gift.

This handy front and rear light combo puts out a combined 100 lumens to make sure your favorite rider is safe and clearly visible this holiday season. Charged via USB, they only take 2 hours to charge, but last an impressive 8 hours on full beam or 30 hours in flashing mode. They are light, ultra-compact, and easy to attach and remove.



Massage Voucher - price varies

Leg Massage
Massage is a growing form of medical therapy that can have immediate, positive results.

There's plenty of perks to being a pro cyclist and regular massages are definitely one. Massage therapy has come a long way in recent years and is no longer just for relaxation. Massage therapy can provide significant benefits for active and athletic people by aiding in recovery time and keeping the body prime during periods of intense use. Massage works well in conjunction with chiropractic and physiotherapy, providing a person a holistic approach to recovery and routine body maintenance.

Crushing the roads, smashing trails, and hammering your commute means your body gets sore, stiff, and generally run down. Treat the cyclist in your life to a sports massage: their body will thank you and they always come out relaxed and easy to get along with (as opposed to their normal Strava-obsessed Type-A stressed-out selves).

Hitcase Pro Phone Case - $99.99 USD

Hitcase Pro Phone Case
The Hitcase Pro protects your phone and turns it into an action camera.

The Hitcase PRO for iPhone is the perfect gift for any cyclist who takes their phone with them while on the bike. The case is fully waterproof and shockproof so you don't have to treat it too nicely so feel free to have it strapped to your bars during the worst storm or on the muddiest trails. The Hitcase also features interchangeable lenses which are meant to improve the already stellar iPhone camera with options for wide, ultra-wide and macro lenses.

The case can be mounted on your bars, your helmet, chest, or even via suction cup with Hitcase specific mounts. The case utilizes a slider style mount system that can work with all pre-existing GoPro mounts as well. Hitcase doesn't just protect your iPhone, it transforms it to a full on action camera.

Fabric Waterbottle - $15 USD

Fabric Waterbottle
Simple, sleek, and cheap! What more could you want?

Not much has ever changed with the humble waterbottle; the wire cage has been re-imagined in carbon and made more aero, but the principles have always stayed the same. Fabric seeks to change this with their patented cageless bottle system. Two small studs are used to attach the bottle in place where your cage would normally go. Through intelligent design, the bottle slots on to the studs providing a secure mounting system that is light weight and minimal.

The Fabric bottle system is the perfect addition to any finely curated ride by not compromising the aesthetics, by saving weight, and by saving you money.



Gift card to your local bike shop

Yes we know, us cyclists are can be almost impossible to buy for; we either want things that are expensive or we already have everything we need. Gift cards feel like a bit of a cop-out, but a gift card from a local bike shop acknowledges your recipient's love of cycling while giving them free reign to buy whatever it is they need. I can assure you that no cyclist is ever upset at having any amount of credit at their local bike shop.

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