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Kids cycling gift guide

Kids cycling gift guide
This guide is full of gifts sure to make kids smile this holiday.

Every kid loves Christmas - and this year kids who are into bikes have plenty of wonderful options to make their riding safer, louder, brighter, and more fun than ever. Take a look at a selection of helmets, jerseys, gadgets, and bikes that are sure to put a smile on any kid's face come Christmas day.

dhb Kids Checker Long Sleeve Fleece Jersey - US $24.95

dhb Kids Checker Long Sleeve Fleece Jersey
This long sleeve jersey is stylish and practical in cooler weather.

Your little rider will look like a pro rocking this warm, breathable, wicking polyester fleece jersey from dhb. The three vertical rear pockets are big enough to stash all sorts of goodies such as tubes, pump, phone, and snacks. The full length lock-down YKK zipper makes it way easier to get on and off than the typical 12-inch zippers out there, and for extra safety there are additional reflective trims on each of the rear pockets. Suitable for very cold weather with a base layer underneath, or perfect for spring and autumn on its own.

Early Rider Trail Runner XL (14") Fat Wheel Bike - US $159.50

Early Rider Trail Runner XL (14in) Fat Wheel Bike
The extra stability and traction of fatbikes is perfect for your learning little one.

We all know fatbikes are sweet - let the kids get in on the action with this Early Rider Fatty balance bike, complete with a gnarly heavy duty aluminum frame and big fat pneumatic knobby tires. The massive treads provide extra grip on the dirt tracks, and an aluminum stem and anatomically correct custom made contemporary faux leather saddle finish it off in style.

Balance bikes - bikes without pedals - are an ideal way for young children to learn to ride. They are perfect for coasting along down gentle slopes or on flat ground; kids often find hand brakes difficult to use and instinctively use their feet instead, which exactly how a balance bike is designed. No pedals, no brakes, no hassles. They'll be shredding trails in no time!

Weehoo Turbo Bicycle Trailer for Kids - US $399

Weehoo Turbo Bicycle Trailer for Kids
Looking for a quality ride-along-trailer for your kids? Weehoo has you covered.

One of the best ways for families to spend time together is going for a ride. This trailer is perfect for longer rides or for kids that haven't quite mastered the art of solo riding yet. Complete with its own set of passenger pedals, the Weehoo Turbo lets kids feel like they are contributing to the ride, but allows them to rest whenever they need. It is stable and well-balanced, and is capable of traveling on-road or off. An adjustable snap-in 3-point safety harness ensures everybody stays where they're supposed to be.



Abus Scraper Helmet - US $31.88

Abus Scraper Helmet
When it comes to kids it's safety first!

One of the very few ways to ensure your kids actually wear their helmet when you"re not around is to make sure they have one that looks cool. This urban skate-style helmet from Abus has loads of street cred and plenty of safety features, too. The ABS hard cover technology provides a rigid protective shell, and the Zoom Evo Easy adjustment system means the proper fit can be achieved with the turn of a finger. Eight air inlets provide plenty of ventilation, the padding is removable and machine-washable, and it comes standard with a clip-on visor.

Little Nutty Helmet from Nutcase - US $38.99

Little Nutty Helmet from Nutcase
Stylish and safe, the Little Nutty is perfect for your kid.

Slightly more outlandish are Nutcase's range of Little Nutty helmets. Featuring an ingenious one-handed magnetic fastening system, they come in a huge range of designs. Our favorites are Moo Cow and Space Cadet. This helmet fits ages 2-6ish and is sure to keep your little one stylishly safe.

"On Your Bike: All you need to know about cycling for Kids" by Sir Chris Hoy - US $11.30

'On Your Bike: All you need to know about cycling for kids' by Sir Chris Hoy
Who better to learn about bikes from but Sir Chris Hoy?

"On Your Bike" is an illustrated, comprehensive guide for children to choosing, maintaining, and making the most of their bikes with top tips and tricks from Olympic cycling champion Sir Chris Hoy. The book will encourage children to have fun cycling, keep safe, and record their cycling adventures.

The man himself, Sir Chris Hoy, says "I hope that 'On Your Bike' will introduce children - and parents - to the joy of cycling, providing a fun, informative, and accessible guide to making the most of your bike."



Dark Cycle Dinosaurs on a Bike Tee - US $24

Dark Cycle T-Rex on a Bike T-Shirt
Dinosaur on a bike. Need we say more?

Hand printed in Tampa, Florida, these dinosaur on bikes t-shirts from Dark Cycle come in environmentally-sustainable fabric and are perfect for kids with allergic reactions to some materials. Friendly dino or menacing T-Rex not cool enough? They also come with pandas on bikes, sharks on bikes, bears on bikes... You get the idea.

Early Rider Spherovelo Ride-On - US $120

Early RIder Spherovelo Ride-On
Super stylish, the Spherovelo is perfect for any little rider

Meet the Spherovelo: half ball, half bike, as the name suggests. It's a unique push-along learn-to-ride system for 7- to- 24-month olds with a blend of instability (like a real bike) and safety. Designed to encourage balance, coordination, and fine motor skills, the Spherovelo comes in four bright colors and is made of high-grade hard wearing polyurethane covered spheres (the stuff skateboard wheels are made from) with a wipe clean high gloss shell.

Mini Hornit Bike Horn + Light - US $17.50

Mini Hornit Bike Horn + Light
Part horn, part light, what more could a kid want?

Bring the fun back into Christmas with this great little light/ horn combo. The Hornit's rubber wings form clips to attach the unit to the handlebars, and it comes standard with a white and green light, each measuring a healthy (and safe) 12 lumens. Now for the good part: a remote trigger allows the rider to set off 25 different horn sounds, from a Spitfire fighter plane to an enraged elephant. Be seen, be heard, be safe, and have some fun!


Camelbak Scout Kids Hydration System - US $57.75

Camelbak Scout Kids Hydration System
Kids need to hydrate more often then adults, so get this handy bag from Camelbak.

With a short torso length, this hydration pack from Camelbak is tailor-made for the young mountain bikers in your family. It comes with an essentials pocket, wicking mesh back panel, 1.5 liter water reservoir, two side pockets, and a clear-view front pocket. Perfect for carrying extra jackets or gloves on a long ride and staying hydrated at the same time.



BBB Kids Sport Sunglasses - US $19.90

BBB Kids Sport Sunglasses
Keep your kid's eyes protected with these sport glasses from BBB

Protecting your eyes while riding is important at any age, and these kids-specific sunnies from BBB do exactly that. Available in red, black, or white, the BBB kids model brings the same technology and quality as the adult models to younger riders. Featuring tough Grilamid frames, they come standard with three sets of interchangeable lenses for varying light conditions.

Hey Reflect'o Hi-Visibility Vest - US $51.99

Hey Reflect'o Hi-Visibility Vest
Both safety and fashion come first in this vest from Hey Reflect'o!

The 2016 Hey Reflect'o Kid's Vest is a delightfully colorful and effective riding vest. You'll never lose track of your child as the vest combines high-reflectivity patches with bright colors in an attention-getting pattern sure to catch anyone's eye. This vest is available in many sizes from 00 through 12, to fit all young riders comfortably. Big scoops for the arms allow freedom of movement - your young one won't even remember they're wearing it. The vest is easy to put on with a full zipper and stays in place while riding.

Leatt DBX 5.5 Jr. Neck Brace - US $299

Leatt DBX 5.5 Jr.
Have a little shredder that needs extra protection? Get them a neck brace.

More and more kids are starting to ride downhill and BMX race. If you have a little one who's into the extreme side of cycling, they should be protected properly with this neck brace from Leatt. The brace sits comfortably on top of the child's shoulders and allows a full face helmet to be supported during a crash, greatly reducing the chance of neck injury. The brace is widely used in both downhill racing and BMX racing, so if your child is into either, they will likely need - and you will want them to have - a brace like the Leatt DBX 5.5 Junior.

Lil Shredder Phenom Bike - US $3495

Lil Shredder Phenom DH Bicycle
The Lil Shredder Phenom is the perfect gift for your gnarly little one

Speaking of Little Shredders, the Phenom is the pint sized real deal. Boasting fully adjustable front and rear suspension from FOX and a Shimano Zee drive train, the 24" aluminum bike is ready for any difficulty of trails at the bikepark. Yes it is pricey, but if you wouldn't ride a junky bike why should your kid? Get them this Lil Shredder and watch them grow to become a World Cup Champion!



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