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Weehoo iGo Turbo

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The 2017 Weehoo Igo Turbo is a kid-carrying bike trailer. The rocket seat is low down, in front of its wheel, providing safe and stable accommodations for the young stoker. Pedalling is optional, the crankset fixed at one end of the trailer's main beam, wheel at the other; the position of the seat can be adjusted to fit a very tall range of back-seat drivers. Safety is built in to the Igo: the chain is completely enclosed, panniers behind the seat double as wheelguards, the chainring is inside a protective case, and the boom incorporates a forward-facing fender. The seat has as many straps as a Formula One race car; getting out _with_ assistance is hard enough.
A very good kid carrier.

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Name:iGo Turbo
Brand: Weehoo
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