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Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclist 2017
You like them. They like bikes. One of these gifts would do nicely.

Is there a cyclist in your life? A pedantic, fussy, annoying cyclist who has every bike and every gadget imaginable? Well, maybe they don’t. Scroll down and you never know – you just might the perfect gift for them. You’re welcome.

Fyxation Leather Bicycle Six Pack Caddy - $69.95 USD

Beer and bikes have a pretty strong connection, but carrying beer while riding has proved hazardous in the past... even if you have mad skills, carrying a six-pack can bring you undone. Fyxation have come to the rescue with their full grain leather beer caddy, which securely fastens to your top tube and seat tube, offering a secure and hands free way to deliver your precious cargo. Now available with an adjustable top strap, the six pack caddy fits top tubes with up to a 1.75" diameter. Made in Wisconsin, USA, the six pack caddy is the perfect companion for a big night out.

Rather have wine? There's a leather wine caddy, too. Cheers.



Chamois Butt'r Anti-Chafe Cream - $17.99 USD

For something even more personal, this chamois crème will ensure the comfort and longevity of the undercarriage of that special cyclist in your life. Simply apply a small dab of crème on the chamois of your bike shorts and it will be smooth sailing all the way home. Everybody wins. Look for the original in 8 oz (235 ml) flip-top tube, 9 ml single use packets, or 32 oz (946 ml) bottle with pump.

Specialized S-Works Tarmac - $9,500 USD

Let’s face it, this is probably not going to happen. But on the off chance that you or somebody close to you has just come into a whole heap of cash, the new Tarmac, available in men’s- and women’s-specific models, should go on the shopping list. Despite having wins in every Grand Tour and two world championships with last year’s version, the team at Specialized found a way to reduce the weight of the new model by a staggering 20%, virtually guaranteeing a PR on your local hill climb. It comes ready to race with Shimano's new Dura-Ace 9150 Di2 groupset with direct mount brakes, and the lightweight, yet impressively aerodynamic, Roval CLX 50 wheels with 26mm Turbo Cotton tires. Hey, there’s no harm in asking...



Cactus Tongue SSL Bike Hanger - $175 USD

If your favorite cyclist somehow manages to get themselves a new ride, where are they going to keep it? Maybe you could help them out with one of these beautiful bike hangers from Cactus Tongue. Made from formed stainless steel, combining strength and timeless looks that will fit with any décor, these hangers allow a bike to be hung from the crossbar or handlebars. They can be used inside or outdoors, and feature a choice of hand stitched leather contact pads available in six vibrant colors.

'The Hardmen - Legends of the Cycling Gods' by Velominati - $27.95 USD

On those days when it’s too cold – or too hot – to be out riding, the next best option is to chill out with a book. More specifically, The Hardmen - Legends of the Cycling Gods, published by The Velominati. This book focuses on 36 of cycling's hardest men and women, and rather than dealing with everything that rider achieved, it covers the one defining moment when they implemented Cycling Rule #5: “Harden The F*^% Up.”

Topeak Ninja CO2+ - $49.95

Sufficiently motivated after reading about cycling’s toughest riders, your own neo-pro hits the road and promptly punctures. No stress – the Topeak Ninja is here! Topeak’s Ninja CO2+ is a water bottle cage with an inflator kit holder, complete with two 16 g CO2 cartridges and Topeak's own Micro AirBooster inflator fixed to the bottom. Two tire levers are attached to the side of the bottle cage, too. Clever.

GoPro Hero5 Session - $149.99 USD

Every rider loves to brag about their epic rides. Let them bore you with video rather than words by giving them the GoPro Hero5 Session. With 4K video, voice control and a little blinking light to let users know it's rolling, plus the single press of a button to turn it on and start recording, it’s pretty much foolproof.

Craft Active Extreme 2.0 CN Long Sleeve Baselayer

Sweat happens when you ride a bike fast, and if you sweat you need a base layer that can handle it. The Craft Active Extreme 2.0 CN Long Sleeve, in men's or women's, puts in a really strong performance to keep you comfortable in temperatures below about 50 degrees (10°C), providing a good level of warmth along with great wicking and breathability.



Rudy Project Fotonyk - $199.99 USD

Regardless of the weather, these Rudy Project Fotonyk glasses are perfect for riding at any time of the year thanks to their photochromic lenses that change from clear to dark in reaction to lighting levels. They offer great optics and comfort and they don’t fog up, even at the end of a hard, steamy interval, thanks to a cutout at the top outer corner of each lens. And they look pro.

Vintage Bicycle Gift Wrap Pack by Cavallini and Co. - $14.95 USD

Now, how to wrap that sweet gift? Keep the theme going with something like this Vintage Bicycle Gift Wrap Pack. It will make that cycling gift extra special.


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