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12 most popular BikeRoar articles of 2017

12 Most popular BikRoar articles of 2017
Here are the most popular articles on BikeRoar in 2017.
image: Anthony D. Morrow | BikeRoar

We've gotten into the habit of looking back at the year to see which articles and reviews earned the most attention. It's been a great way for our community to get up to speed or re-acquainted with the top advice and topics so many others were reading. We're glad you to have you take in this year-end wrap-up and encourage you to enjoy even more in our articles and tips archives.

Here are the 12 most popular articles of 2017 and a few perennial crowd-pleasers.


12. 7 things to look for when buying a carbon road bike

Before spending thousands of dollars on any carbon road bike, check out these tips. They'll help you fine tune your decision to get the bike that you not only want, but also that suits.


11. Pinarello launches Dogma F10 — quickly threatened over design patent claim

Pinarello released the highly-anticipated Dogma F10 road bike, only to have a Taiwan company claim it infringed on its patents and threaten a lawsuit. We're still waiting to see how it all works out.


10. Editor's Review: Giant FastRoad CoMax 2 Disc

This "lightweight, well-handling casual commuter" bike and review was our most popular of any hybrid bike in 2017.


9. Big box store bought bikes fail basic safety checks

Originally published in 2014, we updated this article in 2017 with new information and photos. It quickly rose to the top, as it had in the past, because the message and dangers are still true.


8. Puncture proof my road bike tire

No one likes flats / punctures, so plenty are interested in how to avoid them. We cover conventional tire and tube setups and how to get more puncture-resistance.


7. Editor's Review: Giant XTC Advanced 29 2

There are cheaper XC hardtails out there, but they’re not as good as this.


6. PressCamp Road

Our coverage of PressCamp Road 2017, day 1 and day 2, witnessed the debut of Allied Cycle Works, a test ride on the new FSA WE electronic shifting, and coverage of several other great brands and products.


5. Editor's Review: Trek Superfly 6

We summarize Trek's Superfly 6 as a "well-behaved cross-country hardtail fast on groomed trails." Read the review to understand what makes this one a favorite.


4. 7 Best Wide Road Tires

We gave roadies our picks for wider tires. (We also learned from your feedback that what's considered "wide" continues to shift larger; we'll go bigger in our next review of this type.)


3. Better breathing techniques for cyclists

Everyone breathes and every cyclist wants to go faster, so naturally many were reading these tips.


2. Ridden & Reviewed: 2017 Specialized Allez DSW SL Sprint Comp

What happens when you combine an in-depth review with a gifted writer and hot bike? Tons of riders curious to know how it turns out.


1. Saddle Search: To Infinity and Beyond

The most common issue for cyclists of all types, ages, and sizes, is comfort. It's no surprise an article about finding the right saddle topped our most popular articles of the year.


BONUS: Ever popular articles

These articles are older, but they are still going strong.


Why you SHOULDN'T buy a hybrid!

Why you SHOULDN'T buy a hybrid!
photo: Bike Forums

A lot of people appreciate the sarcasm or advice of this article that begs you to choose a different bike type. Please?


What is the difference between a road race and endurance/gran fondo bike?

It helps to know the difference before you set out to buy a road bike. This article continues to point people in the right direction.


Why you must run wider tires on your road bike

Wider road tires now easily exceed 28 mm - just ask any gravel grinder or adventure bike rider. There are still lots of traditional road riders who are expanding their rubber horizons.


Carbon vs Alloy road wheels: Are they worth the upgrade?

Carbon vs Alloy road wheels: Are they worth the upgrade?

A top 10 in 2016, this article remains a popular resource for riders looking to upgrade and go faster.


How to adjust your rear derailleur in 5 easy steps

Even electronic shifting systems have derailleurs with adjusters and limit screws, making this classic guide a regular reference.


But wait, there's still more! See our Articles & Tips page for a complete archive.



Read 'How to adjust your Front Derailleur in 5 easy steps'
How to adjust your Front Derailleur in 5 easy steps
Front derailleurs can be frustrating. This guide should help. READ MORE


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When is the best time of year to buy a bike?
Choosing your shopping season wisely can pay off with good deals on great bikes. We consider some of the factors that sway prices... READ MORE


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