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Stocking stuffer ideas for cyclists

Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclist 2017
Fill their stockings with bike-related care.
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Cycling can be an expensive hobby, but luckily there are still plenty of gifts that don’t cost a fortune. If you're in search of a small, but thoughtful surprise for the cyclist in your life, check out some of the bargains we’ve found for you.

Muc-Off Dry Shower - $7 USD

Is your favorite cyclist always on the go, always hustling, never taking a moment before rushing off to another adventure? Then they probably don’t smell too good. The solution? Muc-Off Dry Shower is an innovative new antibacterial body wash formulated for people on the move, designed to gently kill the bacteria that causes odor, keeping you clean and fresh when you can't get to a shower. It’s paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, and alcohol-free, and is dermatologically tested to be suitable for sensitive skin.



Castelli Toe Thingy - $19.99 USD

These little beauties keep your feet warm without the hassle of a full shoe cover. Made from super-durable neoprene, Castelli Toe Thingy toe covers slip easily over the front of the shoe and are held in place by the cleats. The rugged underside of the toe will add grip and resist rips or tears thanks to a silicone print.



K-Edge Gravity Top Cap Mount - $24.99 USD

K-Edge have come up with a clean, brilliant way to mount a Garmin or other bike computer. Rather than clumsy mounts clamped to the handlebars, this mounting system is simply fitted on the stem in place of a regular top stem cap. No matter how short the stem or how sharp the angle, this cap mount will securely attach those valuable electronic components to the bike. For such a lightweight component (weighing in at a miserly 18 grams), it’s a game changer.


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Orange Seal Tire Sealant - $9.99

Most mountain bikers, and now many road riders, too, use tubeless tires. They're lighter and faster than tires with inner tubes, and when the inevitable puncture does occur, tubeless sealant works its magic and prevents the tire from going flat. After a long season of riding, it’s always a good idea to top up tubeless tires with a fresh dose of sealant. The sweet Twist Lock injection system from Orange Seal makes adding sealant clean and easy - simply remove the valve core and use the injector to squirt sealant directly through the valve and into your tires.



Specialized Air Tool CO2 Mini Kit - $30 USD

If your special cyclist hasn’t gone tubeless yet, they’re going to need a way of inflating their tires. They’ll be fully prepared with this inflation kit that includes a 25 g CO2 cartridge and thread-on inflator along with some glueless patches to get them rolling again.



CamelBak Podium Chill Water Bottle - $13

Beat the heat and the dangers of dehydration with this brilliant insulated bottle from CamelBak. Much better, and far more pro-looking, than a hydration pack, and superior to a standard plastic bottle, the Podium Chill has an easy-to-drink-from lid and is insulated to help keep ice water from turning lukewarm.



Light & Motion Vibe Pro HL Front Bike Light - $49.99 USD

Lights are lights, right? I mean, they shine, they light your way, they hopefully let motorists and other riders see you coming. Nothing to it. Not so with the ingenious Vibe. It features motion detecting sensors, so it turns on automatically when you start moving. It also senses ambient light, switching from pulse mode in the daytime to holding steady at night. With a light that you'll never forget to turn on, it really doesn't get much safer than this. Oh, and you don't need a cable to charge it - simply plug the built-in USB connector directly into any handy USB port, be it from a computer or wall charger.



Fix It Sticks - $24.99

This simple multi-tool is always on your frame thanks to the clever way it mounts under your bottle cage. The separable Fix It Sticks combine to a T-handle tool with four bits (available in six configurations) to cover every mechanical base. The new version includes a T-25 Torx bit for disc brake rotors.



Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance: The World’s Best-Selling Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Guide

The fifth edition of this iconic manual includes chapters on disc brakes and electronic shifting as well as troubleshooting charts and special sections on cyclocross. From basic to advanced repairs, author and cycling aficionado Lennard Zinn offers step-by-step guides along with a list of the necessary tools for every repair. Topics range from fixing a flat tire to changing a cassette, replacing pedals and even setting up a cyclocross bike for racing. Not a roadie? No problem, there's an equally helpful mountain bike edition.



Park Tool MTB-7 Rescue Tool - $19.95 USD

This compact multitool from famed tool manufacturer Park Tools is made just for cyclists. it comes with six hex wrenches, two tire levers, three box end wrenches, and two screwdrivers, so you can fix almost any problem as it arises in the field (if confused, refer to Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance above).

Bike Shop Gift Card / Certificate / Voucher - $VARIABLE

Still not sure what to give? A safe choice they can always use is a gift card / certificate / voucher to a local bike shop. Whether they use it towards the bike of their dreams or to stock up on tubes and energy gels, it is sure to be appreciated.


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