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Father's Day Cycling Gift Guide

Father's Day Cycling Gift Guide
Gift ideas for fun-loving bike dads
photo by Gustavo Devito / CC BY

Once again, Fathers’ Day is just around the corner and let’s face it, the gifts that make dad happiest all have something to do with bikes. But where to start? There’s a jungle of cycling paraphernalia out there, but the BikeRoar team are here to point you in the direction of some of our favorites. Here we go:

Fibrax Spiral Frame Protectors – $5.95 USD

Many modern bikes feature fully-integrated internal cabling – but some of the classics still have brake and gear cables exposed. They may not seem like much, but these small silicone frame protectors help reduce the wear on a bike’s paint job, and the annoying rattle, caused by rubbing, banging cables. So, if dad’s bike is a classical favorite, save him some grief with these clever little helpers from Fibrax.



BONX Grip Hands-Free Comm Tool – $139 USD

BONX Grip is a state-of-the-art Bluetooth earpiece that enables cellular network-based group communication with up to 10 users – anywhere in the world. This BONX Grip is versatile, hands-free, and most importantly safe during road cycling group rides as it allows cyclist to answer calls by voice activation, and ensures on the road safety maintaining that the cyclist hears surrounding sounds. For MTB enthusiasts who want to stay in touch on the trails, the device is great at keeping in touch with the competitive crew. Aside from cycling and MTB, BONX Grip has been found to be effective for bike messengers, enabling them to safely stay in touch during their routes.

  • Hands-free, Bluetooth earpiece connected to an original smartphone App
  • Switch between personal music and incoming calls with one single touch
  • Water resistant, shock resistant and made to ‘grip’ the ear, staying put during rigorous outdoor activity
  • Dual microphones with multi-layer wind and noise reduction technology ensure crystal-clear speech, and only transmit voice when a user speaks, preserving battery and minimizing cellular data usage
  • The open-back earphone ensures safety in all environments by allowing the user to hear surrounding noise.

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Saddle Mount Strap – $18 USD

Saddlebags are so 2017. Now a strap is what the cool kids have: they’re cheap, secure, and easy to use. Designed in the U.S., these Race Straps from Backcountry Research are constructed with mulitple Velcro points, reflective detailing, hard-wearing fabric, and they’re dropper post compatible. Simply loop through the rails of your saddle and fasten – voilà!



Hiplok Airlok Indoor Wall Storage Unit – $200 USD

Is it a bike lock or a piece of art? The Airlok is a wall-mounted, beautifully-crafted bike security system made of hardened steel coated in a high-tech color-coded plastic. Perfect for the home, office, or outside, it offers a combination of maximum gold-level security, effortless practicality, and design elegance. It’s a gift dad will love.



Giro Empire SLX Shoes – $350 USD

This is some classy footwear from the esteemed Italian manufacturer - the Easton high modulus EC90 soles combined with comfortably flexible uppers, stylish laces and a weight of just 175 grams make these a Fathers’ Day winner.



SeaSucker Bike Rack – starting at $300 USD

These ingenious bike racks attach to any car via some incredibly strong suction pads. Removing the need for permanent fixings, they take only minutes to attach and are compatible with any car, from roof to rear, metal, glass, or fiberglass. The perfect gift for any dad who drives to bike races or training rides.



Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera – $399 USD

Cyclists – especially dads - love to share their rides with others, and an action helmet camera lets them do just that. The Garmin VIRB 30 is a top-of-the-range version which takes high quality images and video and features easy-to-use voice command functionality. It syncs easily with cycle computers, smartphones, and ride-tracking systems such as Strava.



Strava Premium Membership – $59 USD

Speaking of Strava... Upgrading dad’s account to Premium will allow him for more in-depth analysis of cycling stats, live feedback with tips on progress and performance, and extra bragging rights when he grabs a well-earned KOM.

Levi's Commuter X Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google – $350 USD

Levi’s has been making commuter-friendly apparel for a while now, but their new Trucker Jacket takes things to the next level, thanks to the addition of a wearable technology created by Google, called Jacquard. With Jacquard woven into the fabric, the machine-washable trucker jacket becomes “smart” when paired to your phone, so you can answer calls, change music tracks, and navigate through directions with a simple swipe of the sleeve.



Wahoo KICKR CLIMB – $599 USD

Wahoo’s new KICKR CLIMB adds a new element to indoor training by providing simulated elevation changes that sync with a Wahoo smart trainer. In other words, when the road that dad is riding on Zwift’s Watopia climbs or descends, his front wheel will rise or fall according to the grade of the virtual “road.” Compatible with Wahoo’s newest KICKR and SNAP trainers, it’s a terrific gift for any dad looking to create the most realistic indoor riding experience possible.



Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 27.5 MTB – $3,500 USD

If the dad in your life loves to shred trails and bomb downhill, this mountain bike is the ultimate gift. A full carbon dual-suspension frame coupled with Fox FLOAT suspension, Shimano 11-speed shifters, DT Swiss wheels and hydraulic disc brakes make this the ideal cross-country race bike that’s also capable of tackling any downhill course. Comfort, speed, durability, and bulletproof componentry make this dad’s perfect bike.



Bike Tour from Roar Adventures – Prices vary

NZ MTB Dreamer Bike Tour from Roar Adventures
Give dad the gift of his dreams – something like the New Zealand MTB Dreamer Bike Tour

More and more people are buying experiences over things, so consider giving dad an unforgettable one in a bike tour holiday. Whether he rides road or mountain, likes hills, oceans, or expanses of countryside, there are tours available in all parts of the world for all levels of riders. Check out the expert-guided bicycle tours from Roar Adventures.



Promotional consideration may have been provided for some of the products in this guide.


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