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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Valentine's Day sunset bike ride
What will you get your cyclist this Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day has rolled around once again. Do you need some blatant gift hints to pass on to your significant other? Maybe you are looking for bike ideas to buy for your pedaling partner? Or perhaps your bike(s) are the love of your life and you want to spoil them with new parts or accessories. Whichever the case, the BikeRoar team has these cycling gift ideas for you.

The Stick – $35 and up

You aren't always there (or don’t always want) to give your partner a loving massage, so give them a tool that they can massage themselves with. Introducing The Stick; use it on yourself on all major muscle groups for relaxation and recovery. It's good for those areas that you can’t quite massage with a roller, like shins and upper arms. There are a variety of types and sizes to choose from to suit everyone.



Jewel Padded Chamois Underwear by Club Ride Apparel – $34

The Jewel pedal-proof panties from Club Ride Apparel is a gift idea for the ladies. Even the word ‘panties’ makes it sound like a more lovable gift. They are actually padded chamois underwear designed for wearing under everyday shorts, appropriate for short commuting journeys of up to an hour. Lightly padded and hardly noticeable off the bike, they are not quite knicks and not quite undies.



Zackees Turn Signal Gloves – $55

Nothing says "I love" like a gift that helps keep your loved one safe. Zackees fingerless gloves have all the usual features of gloves, but they also have a built-in light up turn signals. The wearer activates a signal by touching together two metal contacts between the thumb and index finger. Then the arrow on the back of the glove lights up and blinks to indicate to other vehicles that you want to turn (and hopefully avoid a car running into the back of you). The lights are 54 lumen LED panels, so they are daytime visible and stand out in the dark.

Road ID – $20 and up

A Road ID gives peace of mind to loved ones. We never want to think of what happens in case of a bike accident, and it may be considered a little morbid as a gift. But, if you phrase it like ‘I love you so much that I want to be right there for you in your time of need,’ then it should be okay.

Purchase a Road ID bracelet, necklace, shoe ID, or add on to a FitBit or Garmin watch to show first responders the wearer's identity and things like pre-existing conditions, allergies, and emergency contacts. First responders to an accident scene love Road ID as it makes their job much easier, especially when time is critical. Testimonials of Road ID tell of people unable to disclose their details to emergency personnel at the scene due to injuries. Emergency personnel are able to turn to Road ID for a contact person to let them know of the incident and get the injured person's medical info.

Garmin Edge with Incident Detection - $350 and up

Again, another gift that you hope is never actually used. The Garmin Edge range of cycling computers have an Incident Detection (read: crash detection) feature.

You pair it with your mobile device to send an alert to your emergency contacts in the event of an accident. Sensors in the device (and paired sensors like speed and cadence) are used to determine if there is an impact. Within seconds of an incident, the Garmin beeps loudly, giving you 30 seconds to cancel it out, otherwise it sends a notification of an indicent with your location to your nominated emergency contact.

Compatible models: Edge 1030, Edge 820, Edge Explore 820, Edge Explore 1000

Deflect Vest by Specialized - $90

Let your love continue to feel the warmth of your affection by outfitting them with an ever-versatile cycling vest. The Deflect Vest, in regular or women's, is wind- and water-resistant and highly breathable. It's lightweight and packable, making it an easy decision to put on to roll out and strip off later if needed – a zippered rear pocket also doubles as pouch for the vest to pack into.



Donation to Project Bike Love

Have all the bike stuff you need? Then share the bike love with someone else by making a donation to Project Bike Love. Project Bike Love aims to support and empower the women of Paraguay by providing them with bikes. The bikes assist women in their everyday tasks, allowing them to travel long distances to provide for their families. Project Bike Love is "positively impacting women’s lives one pedal stroke at a time."



Airlok Secure Bike Hanger by Hiplok – $200

This funky, wall-mount bike hanger has a built-in hardened steel security lock, so you can hang your bike in the house or outside and secure it without having to use an additional lock. Use one of the three supplied keys to open and close the locking bolt, then slide your bike in and out. Any size bike fits in the non-scratch rubber hanger, from a road bike to a mountain bike. Pick from three colors: red, black and white, and don't worry about losing a key – Hiplock say if you lose yours, then just contact them and they will send you another one. Phew!

[Editor's Note: You can pre-order Airlok now, but it won't ship until mid-March.]



Electra 7i Beach Cruiser Tandem Bicycle – $1,259

Made with lightweight aluminium frames and chromoly forks, you won’t get into an argument about who isn’t pedaling the bike. There are two color schemes to choose from; the Hellbetty metallic red with hot rod flames and extra-wide Fatti-O rear tire looks right for the occasion. Share the love of bikes with your Valentine by sharing the same, fun bike!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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