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11 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Cycling Moms

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Cycling Moms
What gift will you give your cycling mom for Mother's Day?

It’s almost time to celebrate and honor mothers on Mother's Day in many regions of the world (e.g., USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, and even Zambia). So, say thank you to your cyclist mum (or mom for our USA readers) for all those long nights she spent rocking you to sleep and for looking after you as you grew up. Or if your mum isn’t a cyclist, but the mother of your children is, then say thanks for being a super mum to your kids.

As to a gift, flowers are nice, but a cycling mum will surely appreciate something from the gift ideas we've compiled for Mother's Day, covering a range of budgets.

Customized Water Bottle - $12 USD

Everyone loves a personalized gift and they aren’t expensive anymore. Why not customize a drink bottle with your mom's name on it and some inspirational cycling words?

Available at



Massage - $FREE

Mom would surely enjoy a massage for Mother's Day

This one is completely free, but it means that you have to do the hard work. It is also much easier if the mum you are celebrating is your partner and not your cyclist mother or mother-in-law. That could get awkward...



Book: Bicycling: Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills - $10 USD

The Bicycling: Complete Book of Road Cycling Skills will give mum all the information she needs to better understand riding techniques, nutrition and safety.



Bike 'n' Brekky Ride - ~$50+ (because mums love lots of coffee)

It’s a proven fact that mums need coffee and bike rides for their sanity (source: proven by me...). If young kids are involved, then give your children's mum a 2-hour leave pass from the kids for a bike ride and then take her out to a local cafe for a Mother's Day breakfast. (I guess the kids would have to come for that part.)



Run Angel - Personal Safety Device - $108 USD

If mum likes to ride (or run) solo but is worried about her safety, give her a Run Angel personal safety device. It is a wearable device that, when the button is triggered, emits a very loud alarm to attract attention in an emergency. The device has an app which will alert family or friends (by SMS) with the details of the alert activation — date, time and location of the wearer.



Out-front bike mount for Garmin devices - $30-65 USD

Out-front bike mounts available for Garmin devices give cyclists extra space on the bars by mounting the Garmin cycling computer out in front. These are handy if mom has time trial bars or a short stem, which don't quite fit the Garmin. They are also sturdier than the plastic mounts which come standard with the Garmin.

There's a Garmin brand mount ($30) that comes in black. Then there's the K-Edge TT mount ($65) in blue, red, black and silver — great if mum likes to color-coordinate bike components.



Park Tool Chain Gang Cleaning System - $35 USD

This may seem like a strange Mother's Day gift recommendation, but I think mums appreciate cleanliness and that includes a clean chain.

The Park Chain Gang system makes the whole process really easy and ensures mom's chain is thoroughly cleaned. It contains all the muck in the system, so it doesn’t flick everywhere. Give mom extra love by cleaning her chain for her.



Broke and Tipple 'Bicycle Chain Heart on Oak' - $20 USD

There are quite a few boutique and craft companies out there who make fancy things out of recycled bike parts. Broke and Tipple (from Bristol, UK) make handmade love / heart bike chain wall decoration ornaments, like this Bicycle Chain Heart on Oak.

Show mum how much you love her with this unique gift. You can buy one, or perhaps grab a piece of wood and craft it yourself - certainly you or mom need a chain change anyway.

Apres Velo 'Cycle of Dreams' Pajamas - $45 USD

Pajamas are a classic Mother's Day gift. Everyone loves new PJs and cycling mums love them more if they have bikes on them! These Apres Velo 'Cycle of Dreams' PJs have bikes with wings — now that makes them even cooler. They are made of super soft cotton to give mom a great night's sleep.



Queen of the Mountain Cycling Kit - $150-225 USD

For the queen mums out there, Queen of the Mountain jersey and knicks are a perfect gift. The kit is specifically made for women with a women’s specific chamois and wide leg bands to reduce potential for ‘sausage legs.’ The variety of color styles available is great; it makes it hard to choose which is best.

The newest QOM color style, called Ambitious, has tiny planes on it. The rest of the range is just as nice, with Amina mostly black with pink, blue and yellow, and the Sovereign style black and purple with a splattering of tiny golden Queen crowns.

If mom prefers baggy shorts and causual tops, the new Resolute jersey and shorts won’t disappoint.



Sidi Drako Women's MTB Shoes

Give mum a big surprise this year with a new pair of MTB shoes. The top-of-the-line Sidi Drako shoes offer a carbon sole and a heel retention device for the perfect fit. They have a fancy 'Techno-3 Push' closure system which dials in the fit using the SIDI proprietary wire material over the whole shoe. The shoes are made with ‘eco-friendly leather’ (though it's not exactly clear what that means — perhaps it used to be a very friendly cow?). Regardless of its 'friendliness', these shoes are light, water-repellent, and durable. Mum won’t need another pair for years and years.



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