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Ridden and Reviewed: Cycliq Duo Mount

Cycliq Duo Mount Reviewed
Cycliq have created a smart solution to help alleviate your crowded bars

As we fall in love with and purchase more cycling devices to provide biofeedback, light our way, or track our rides, we start running out of space on our handlebars until our cockpit is as cluttered as a Formula One dashboard.

Enter the Cycliq Duo mount, which caters for the mounting of the Cycliq Fly12 front light/camera PLUS a cycling computer all on a single mount. Admittedly this is not a new idea - a number of other companies already manufacture dual-purpose mounts - but Cycliq appear to have put a little more thought into it than some of their competitors.



Cyclic Duo Mount is solid and sturdy
The Duo Mount is solid and sturdy
image: Marcus Speed | BikeRoar

A bar mount is not a complicated piece of equipment, and reviewing one is not complicated either. Simply, does it work? Is it easy to install and remove? And is it strong enough to do the job?

Yes, it works.

Installation is very straightforward, and best of all, the Duo comes with a hinged clamp that threads in from the top. It seems incredible to think that other brands thread up from the bottom - an open invitation to drop the bolt in the dirt, the snow, the mud, or lose it somewhere on the trails.

Designed to act as a mount for the Cycliq Fly12, the Duo is purpose-built to allow most types of bike computer to piggy-back along with the Fly12. The default replaceable disc is tooled to fit most Garmin devices, including the Garmin 1000. Using my Garmin 820, I attached the Duo, then the Garmin and Fly12 to it, and hit the trails, doing my perverse best to dislodge the unit. No such luck. Despite bouncing over logs and bumping my way through a rock garden, the Duo remained in place and intact.

The other replaceable discs, which slot straight onto the Duo, cater for Wahoo, Polar, Cateye, and Mio/Magellan computers. Underneath, the triple-fin mount for the Fly12 also fits other action cameras like a GoPro, Garmin Virb, and any other tri-fin camera mount. It could also be used for another light (bear in mind the Fly12 is a video camera/light in one).



Cyclic Duo Mount Review
The Duo Mount is great for cleaning up your bars
image: Marcus Speed | BikeRoar

Made from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, the Duo Mount is both incredibly strong and corrosion resistant, and is the only mounting system on the market to use this high-grade aluminum. Weighing in at just 45.9 grams (1.6 ounces), the Duo is also one of the lightest mounts available.

Both the Cycliq Fly6 rear-view camera/tail light and the Fly12 were successfully funded via Kickstarter, eclipsing their fundraising targets by 281% and 273% respectively. Now Cycliq are putting themselves out there again, having launched the Duo on the fundraising platform on November 1. With a funding target of $20,000 AUD ($15,200 USD) they have followed the trend they set with their other two launches - at the time of writing there are 21 fundraising days to go with over $52,000 AUD ($39,800 USD) already raised.

Given the success of the Fly6 and Fly12, crowd funding was probably not the only way of raising the required capital - so why do it? "One of the reasons for launching on Kickstarter was to help us reconnect with the investors who funded our earlier product development," said Cycliq CEO Andrew Hagen.

"They (the Kickstarter community) helped build Cycliq, and for that we're very grateful, so we're giving them the first opportunity to purchase the Duo, and at a significant discount. It's a good way of saying 'thank you' for helping us grow a successful business."

For more information on Duo Mount, and a chance to become an early investor starting at $39 AUD, visit the Cycliq Duo Mount Kickstarter page.

Tightening a Fly12 and adding a Garmin computer to the Cycliq Duo Mount.



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Benny high res mtbAuthor: Marcus Speed
A former professional athlete, Marcus has a wealth of experience and has been a representative at both State and National level. A certified coach with Cycling Australia, he specializes in strength and endurance conditioning, and takes enormous pride in delivering a program to each athlete that gives them the tools to realise genuine improvement and satisfaction.

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