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Review: GripGrab Arm Warmers Light

GripGrab Arm Warmers Light
GripGrab Arm Warmers Light

Arm warmers – after an undershirt, they're the next layer you add to stay comfortable as temps drop. A good pair will help keep you warm, won't slide down your arms because they don't fit or have bad grippers, and they should go on easy and come off easy as you need them or don't – like when pulling them off as you warm up on a climb, then putting them back on for the cool descent.

We found GripGrab Arm Warmers Light to be on point as advertised, excellent for any day when the temps are moderately cool or unpredicable, like spring or summer, and you want to ride comfortably with arm warmers the entire ride or be able to easliy peel them off and slip on again.

Fit is just right thanks to a stretchy fabric that hugs the arm all around. To ensure they stay up, there are bands of silicone grippers at the top. There are no grippers at the bottom because you don't need them – arm warmers like to slide from big to small, which is down your arm, though these never budged.

The fabric (80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane) is low-profile plush on the inside, kind of like a microfiber cleaning cloth. The outside is not as fibrous, but still very soft. They provide UV protection listed as UPF 50+.

The design of each is one tapered panel with a flatlock (less bulky and more comfortable) stitched seam along the length and similar finishing at both ends.

The logo and graphics near the wrist are reflective for an extra touch of safety. It's amusing that they're labeled 'L' and 'R' inside in case you can't figure out which is right or left from the direction of the outside logos; they fit either arm either way, but GripGrap want to keep you looking pro.

Are they light? Yes, both in measured weight (49 grams for medium) and in feel. When we did take them off, they rolled up compactly and were easily stuffed into a jersey pocket.

The GripGrab Arm Warmers Light cover all the main points, with extra details you'd expect from a higher-end product that retails for about $34 USD. You could spend less on a pair of arm warmers and it would be fair to do if you're just trying to cover the basics for the least expense, but for a little more you can get these with better feel and fit and that are likely to last longer.


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