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Cycling coach Craig Dodson up for ‘CNN Hero of the Year’

Cycling coach Craig Dodson is up for CNN's Hero of the Year award.
Craig Dodson: Cycling coach to at-risk youth.

Craig Dodson is a former pro cyclist who now a coaches cycling for at-risk youth in Richmond, Virginia. He and his nonprofit organization, Richmond Cycling Corps, are up for a $100,000 cash prize as CNN's "Hero of the Year."

Dodson was inspired to start his organization after speaking to a group of Richmond students in 2005, realizing many lived in public housing and faced long odds of getting out. Dodgson and Richmond Cycling Corps "change the lives of youth who live in Richmond's public housing projects" with cycling as the platform for that change.

Earlier this year, Dodson was selected as a "CNN Hero" and received a $10,000 reward. Now, he and Richmond Cycling Corps are one of 10 being recognized this year and eligible for CNN's "Hero of the Year" award and its $100,000 cash prize.

We encourage you to watch the heartening video below and then vote online for Dodson as the "CNN Hero of the Year". Voting is open until midnight Tuesday, December 6.



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