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Chris Kegel: Time to Rally Behind a Legend!

Chris Kegel: Time to Rally Behind a Legend!
Chris Kegel: Time to Rally Behind a Legend!

The Bike Industry learned this week one of the pillars in our community is fighting for his life. While he fights for his life, let's rally and support him. Chris Kegel, Owner of Wheel and Sprocket, is legendary for so many things in the bike industry from creating an incredible retail dynasty, to being an advocate for bicycling, to sitting on every board possible in an effort to build the bike industry. Not only does Chris do all of this he also rides his bike everywhere he goes. His own Facebook page is full of all the rides he does and the things he sees along the way.

As an industry, people who are also passionate about cycling and do it often, let's show Chris our rides. Take pictures of your rides, your bikes, the scenic routes, the people you meet along the way. Post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and any other social media avenue and let's build the largest electronic photo book for Chris to look at daily as he goes through his next steps to beat cancer. Use the hashtag #chriskegel.

If you have not met Chris Kegel, watch this video to get a glimpse of his life:

Please pass this along to anyone who rides. Pass along to all your races, group rides, and advocacy groups in your areas. Pass this along to your customers, friends, and family members.

Let's Support Chris' soul,

Dan Mann

Originally published by Dan Mann / The Mann Group


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