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Brand Profiles

  • Atom


    Atomlab was started for one reason - to make the best products ever made. These are parts for people who actually ride; parts that work on hardcore bikes and are built to survive months of big hits at the trails ...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1996
  • Attaquer

    Attaquer Cycling

    Attaquer is an Australian-based manufacturer of cycling apparel. Producing everything the well-dressed cyclist needs, from every-day jerseys and bibs to specialty wear for time trialers, underlayers, and all-seas...

    • Nationality: Australia
    • Year Founded: 2012
  • Avanti logo on blue


    Avanti calls its approach to manufacturing bicycles, “Avanti Deisgn technology”, and through consistently pioneering new technology and design methods, Avanti has established itself as a small company with a big ...

    • Nationality: New Zealand
    • Year Founded: 1985
  • Avenir logo


    The journey begins with Avenir. Quality, reliability and price are the key aspects of the Avenir philosphy. With a wide range of classic cycling accessories Avenir is your first choice when preparing a trip.

    • Nationality: 
    • Year Founded: 
  • Avid 1


    The very first product we made—the Microdapter—was simply an adapter that allowed mountain bikers to gain a whole new range of low gears. It was a small detail, but made a huge difference. When we invented Speed ...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1991
  • Ax lightness transparent


    ax-Lightness is a Germany-based manufacturer of the world's lightest carbon fiber bikes.

    • Nationality: Germany
    • Year Founded: 2000
  • Axiom


    Axiom : A self-evident or universally recognised truth; a maxim Established in 1988, Axiom was developed around a vision to create innovative, reliable, and affordable cycling components and accessories for a wid...

    • Nationality: Canada
    • Year Founded: 1988
  • Azonic


    In July of 1989, O'Neal U.S.A. introduced its AZONIC line of products. The same passion that started our company in motorcycling steered us to biking. Once again the needs of top professionals and the developing ...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1989
  • Aztec logo


    Aztec is a venerable manufacturer of replacement brake pads, for calipers, V-brakes, and discs.

    • Nationality: 
    • Year Founded: 
  • Azur logo


    Azur is a manufacturer of bike accessories, including lights, pumps, multitools, helmets, gloves, saddlebags, panniers, and more. The company's catalogue is available through retailers around the world and online.

    • Nationality: 
    • Year Founded: 
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