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  • Nationality:United Kingdom
  • Year Founded:1887

The Raleigh Bicycle Company traces its rich history back to Nottingham, United Kingdom where it was founded in 1885 by Richard Morris Woodhead and Paul Eugene Louis Angois. Raleigh bikes have long been known for their safety, serviceability, and high quality manufacturing practices. In the early 1900’s, Raleigh was considered to be one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles and they have continued their success well into present day times.

125 years of bicycle manufacturing has made Raleigh one of the most reliably stalwart options when choosing a bicycle. So much so that Raleigh bikes have been ridden to victory in the Tour de France, as well as ridden by multiple reputable professional racing teams. However, Raleigh’s racing heritage only represents but a percentage of the fine crafted bicycles that have rolled out of their doors. Raleigh’s children’s bikes such as the Chopper and the Grifter had made their way to the United States creating a huge demand for Raleigh branded bicycles. Raleigh’s Roadster model also marked a turning point in Raleigh’s history in which they continued their dominance in the US marketplace.  Raleigh continues to make quality women’s bikes, cyclocross bikes, and touring bikes with the same attention to detail as they have for 125 years. 

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Road BikesChildren's BikesCruiser BikesCyclocross BikesFitness BikesHybrid BikesMountain BikesCommuter/Urban BikesTandem BikesOther BikesComfort BikesWomen's Specific Bikes
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