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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1899

Not many bicycle companies can claim they have been in existence for over 100 years. Fuji Bicycles not only carries this heritage into their current line of bicycles, but they continue to improve and advance their designs to this day. Fuji is one of the world’s most recognizable brands having broken in to the racing scene in the 1970’s and 80’s. Since then, Fuji has amassed an impressive palmarès of professional victories on some of the world’s biggest stages. While the brand experienced difficult times after the success of its formidable years, Fuji has made a full comeback based on the foundation of their quality manufacturing, materials, and engineering.

Fuji has long faced larger, more established companies head-to-head and continually proven why it deserves to be recognized as one of the premier bike manufacturers in the industry. Fuji prides itself in their road, triathlon, time trial, mountain, cyclocross, cruiser, and urban bike lines. Fuji’s primary desire is to provide the best possible bikes for people who want to improve their lifestyles and reach their ultimate goals. With 100 plus years of experience under their belts, Fuji looks poised to be around for hundreds more.  

Fuji Products List

Fitness BikesMountain BikesCommuter/Urban BikesCyclocross BikesRoad BikesComfort BikesChildren's Bikes
Road BikesCommuter/Urban BikesChildren's BikesMountain BikesCyclocross BikesOther BikesCruiser BikesComfort Bikes
Road BikesHybrid BikesChildren's BikesMountain BikesCyclocross BikesCruiser BikesCommuter/Urban BikesComfort BikesOther Bikes
Mountain BikesWomen's Specific BikesCommuter/Urban BikesHybrid BikesFitness BikesCyclocross BikesChildren's BikesComfort BikesRoad BikesCruiser BikesOther Bikes
Mountain BikesFitness BikesHybrid BikesComfort BikesCommuter/Urban BikesCyclocross BikesRoad BikesCruiser BikesChildren's BikesWomen's Specific Bikes
Mountain BikesRoad BikesChildren's BikesCruiser BikesComfort BikesCommuter/Urban BikesHybrid BikesFitness BikesCyclocross BikesWomen's Specific Bikes
Road BikesChildren's BikesComfort BikesCommuter/Urban BikesCruiser BikesFitness BikesMountain BikesHybrid BikesCyclocross BikesWomen's Specific Bikes
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