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  • Azzlogo


    Azzurri bicycles are a testament to the fact that quality handmade bicycle frames are not a bygone art form. Azzurri bikes offer quality and performance engineering that stands up to the rigors of competetive rac...

    • Nationality: Taiwan
    • Year Founded: 1986
  • Boblogo


    The year was 1994 and Roger Malinowski, a bicycle industry maven, met Philip Novotny, an airline mechanic, in the California town of San Luis Obispo. Philip had turned a decrepit beach cruiser bike into a versati...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1994
  • Babboe logo


    Babboe is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of cargo bicycles and tricycles. Started by parents on a quest for the bike equivalent of the station wagon, Babboe's current catalogue includes models capable of carryi...

    • Nationality: Netherlands
    • Year Founded: 2006
  • Bacchetta logo


    Bacchetta Bicycles, Inc. opened its doors in April 2001. In that short time, the company has achieved renowned respect in the bicycle industry for producing our exceptional line of recumbent bicycles. Bacchetta d...

    • Nationality: U.S.A.
    • Year Founded: 2001
  • Backcountry research logo

    Backcountry Research

    Backcountry Research is a U.S.-based manufacturer of minimalist saddlebag replacement straps. Products are available from select dealers in the U.S. or directly from the company via its online store. The company'...

    • Nationality: U.S.A.
    • Year Founded: 2010
  • Balbi logo


    Balbi is a manufacturer of a novel kid's balance bike. Available in many bike shops and from online cycling retailers. The Balbi has one compelling feature: it stands on its own. This alone makes it worthy of a t...

    • Nationality: 
    • Year Founded: 
  • Banjo brothers logo

    Banjo Brothers

    Banjo Brothers is a U.S.-based manufacturer of bike bags, from saddlebags and protective wallets to messenger bags and full touring panniers. The company also offers replacement parts and surprisingly practical s...

    • Nationality: U.S.A.
    • Year Founded: 2003
  • Banshee bikes logo


    Banshee Bikes is still a relatively young company, but the people working behind the scenes were part of the industry even before the birth of mountain biking. Jay MacNeil has been in and out of the industry for ...

    • Nationality: Canada
    • Year Founded: 1985
  • Barbieri logo


    Barbieri is an Italy-based small manufacturer of bike maintenance necessities. A highlight of the catalogue is the company's venerable chain cleaner, completely enclosed, not far distant from the original, invent...

    • Nationality: Italy
    • Year Founded: 1983
  • Barfly logo


    Barfly is a U.S.-based manufacturer of computer mounts and bike accessories. The catalogue includes ranges of road and off-road mounts, fenders, and a miscellany of additional items. Barfly products can be found ...

    • Nationality: U.S.A.
    • Year Founded: 2012
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