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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1971

From humble beginnings in 1971, to the top podium steps of the world's most prestigious bicycle races, Cannondale Bicycle Company has established itself as one of the top bicycle manufacturers in the world. Never known to conform to industry trends, Cannondale has forever broken the mold and changed the way we look at bicycles. The first iterations of Cannondale bikes featured handcrafted, oversized aluminum frames that were both lighter and more flex-resistant than the steel models that dominated the industry at the time. Since these early beginnings that marked a radical departure from the norm, Cannondale has staked its claim as a leader in innovation, producing some of the most revolutionary products in the industry. The Lefty, HeadShok, innovative suspension, BB30, and optimized aluminum and carbon design are only a few of the game changing designs to come from this renowned American brand.

Ridden to victory underneath such great cycling personalities bearing names like Cipolini and Sagan, Cannondale bicycles have consistently turned critics into imitators by setting trends and shaping history.  From the fast and nimble Supersix Evo on the road, to the sharp handling Scalpel on the trails, and everything in between, Cannondale bicycles feature unparalleled quality and construction found nowhere else.  

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