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5 Women's Specific Bikes - What makes them Women's Specific?

Womens Specific Bicycle Design

Every major bicycle brand now manufactures bikes specifically suited to women. As seen above, there are some key areas that makes a bike, its geometry, components and accessories suited to the female cyclist. Here are five models, road and mountain, that fit the women's specific mold.


Trek Lush WSD

Trek sell more women's bikes every year than any other brand. They see women's fit as more than adding a few different components, rather, the bike is considered as a whole. The frame geometry is tuned to the specifics of the female anatomy, including a shorter top tube for easier reach to the bars and controls.

Their in-house brand, Bontrager, looks after their Women's specific components. The WSD (Women's Specific Design) Saddle features Size Specific Curvature (SSC) tuned to the female body shape. WSD Handlebars are narrower and feature a shallow drop for easier reach. Colors and designs are included in the WSD treatment.


Specialized Amira

Specialized have always taken bike fit seriously, as demonstrated by their excellent "Body Geometry" range of accessories. This attention to detail continues into the women's specific range. The Amira is their women's 'race' bike. This is a high performance road bike with slight geometry tweaks to fit the female physiology. This is complemented with a Body Geometry Women's Oura, Jett Gel or Riva saddle, women's handlebar and crank/chainring options (52/36).


BMC Shiver SH01

BMC take researching and developing new bicycle technology very seriously. This means that their women's designs get the full treatment and are definitely worth checking out. The Shiver is a trail-ready dual suspension mountain bike with a design and all the components needed for it to keep up with the big boys. BMC has designed the frame with "perfect ergonomics" and feminine styling.


Cannondale Supersix Women's 3 Ultegra

The same technology as in the standard Supersix but with geometry and componentry alterations to make this bike a perfect fit for women. Like the men's version, this is a real race bike. The frame incorporates a shorter top tube and slightly taller head tube. The handlebars are narrower and their ergonomic shape allows the handle bars to be positioned closer to the hands. Add to this a women's specific saddle and you're ready to roll!


Raleigh Capri 3.0

The Capri was recently reviewed by BikeRoar and we liked what we saw. This is a great value bike with a blend of women's and endurance geometry. Cap this off with female specific components and you have a super comfortable bike for the recreational road cyclist.



ProfileAuthor: Christian Woodcock
Christian loves riding bikes. He has many years experience working in bike shops and has raced mountain bikes at a high level with success. These days expect to see him climbing and suffering on a road bike, or talking it up on the trails with mates.

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