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  • Bike girl

    The "Cycle Chic" Phenomenon

    Posted by Jack Sweeney

    Over the past few years, a new player has emerged onto the cycling scene: The "cycle-chic" phenomenon.

  • Stolen bike

    Stolen Bike: It Can Happen to You!

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    I never thought that it would happen to me. That kind of thing only happens to other people. I wouldn’t be a statistic. I would not be victimized. ...

  • Hill climbing

    We All Want to Climb Better: Here's How!

    Posted by Mark Orton

    Helpful tip on how to improve your hill climbing on the road bike. Races are won on the hills, follow these tips and dominate.

  • Learing to ride a bike

    Remember Learning How to Ride a Bike? We Do.

    Posted by Jack Sweeney

    A step by step guide to teaching children to ride bikes.

  • Road cycling2

    Cycling in the UK: What Keeps Us Going?

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    An insight of what it's like to be a newbie going on his first bunch ride.

  • Photo oct 23  9 49 02 am

    Fuji SLM 29 1.3 - First Impressions

    Posted by Patrick McBride

    I am a recovering weight weenie and XC racer so when I was first introduced to the idea of testing the SLM platform, I fell off the wagon pretty qu...

  • Bunny hop

    5 skills every cyclist should have

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    A look at 5 skill every rider should have and when they will be used.

  • Moab mtb

    A Dirtbag in Moab

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    Sometimes I feel like everything I own is covered in red dirt. I am constantly pouring it out of my shoes, and my socks will be forever the color o...

  • Earth green recycle bike1

    Keeping it Green on Two Wheels

    Posted by Jack Sweeney

    Many of us know that the humble bicycle is a great way to get to and from work. A “greener” lifestyle involves using your bike for day-to-day tasks...

  • Holiday

    Destination Unknown: Planning Your First Bicycle Trip: Part 2

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    In part one of this two-part article, we discussed some

  • Cycling holiday

    Destination Unknown: Planning Your First Bicycle Trip. Part 1

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    May has ended and spring will be over in a few weeks’ tim

  • Istock 000015244344small

    Helmet Use: Where the Burden Lies

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    There are two endless sources of frustration for those of us who have followed the news for cyclist’s being struck and injured by automobiles.

  • Optical

    Our Review Principles

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    It is BikeRoar’s goal to provide you, the cyclist, with unbiased, in-depth reviews on all types of cycling products. We provide you with honest, ex...

  • 417474 326663117370580 109973359039558 817065 294376198 n %281%29

    Bike Fitting Tips

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    These tips in this article are not designed to be for the advance bike set up. The majority of people who buy a bike from a shop do not receive eve...

  • Messy

    Newbie Rules for Bunch Cycling Etiquette

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    The basics of bunch etiquette. Some really helpful tips if you are planning on riding in large groups

  • London olympics 2012

    London Olympics 2012

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    2012 London Olympic Games 27 July - 12 August 2012 Yes it seems 4 years have passed by again and its that time where we sit in our comfy lounge cha...

  • Bikeroar logo only   red

    Welcome to BikeRoar

    Posted by Sam Spencer

    Why do you ride? I guess you are all wondering who and what BikeRoar is? What is the Panther doing to that bike on our logo? BikeRoar is cycling, B...

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