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Welcome to BikeRoar

Why do you ride?

I guess you are all wondering who and what BikeRoar is?

What is the Panther doing to that bike on our logo?

BikeRoar is cycling, BikeRoar is community, and BikeRoar is all about the bike!

How do you keep up with the changes that seem to be occurring daily in the cycling world? Nano materials, space age polymers, Multi directional carbon, the list goes on and on.

How do you know what is the best style of bike to buy or is that part compatible with my bike. Where can you get the best price for your bike or for that new essential piece of kit that will make you ride so much faster? That is where our expert staff comes into play.

We will demystify the jargon give you glossary of terms and even throw in a few acronyms so that you can talk the talk in your next bunch ride or at least know what the guy in the bike shop is talking to you about.

The growth and popularity of cycling is not slowing down.

In the corporate world cycling has been named the new Golf and with the prices of some high-end bikes you can see why. BikeRoar is not just about high-end we also love the folding bike, the bike for two, the rack and pannier laden touring bike, which has travelled among the different continents seeing more out on the open road than stuck in a bus or train.

Stopping whenever to sample the local cuisine or walk though the local markets or to take a breath-taking photo to post on Facebook. The Commuter who battles the big metal 4 wheel objects daily on their ride into work.

The Recumbent that requires a safety flag and the Handcycle that allows people with a disability the freedom to experience cycling. So you can see we are all about the bike and all bikes here at BikeRoar. All of us at BikeRoar ride, sleep, eat and dream bikes.

Coming from various backgrounds our hearts are loyal to one form or another of the two-wheel passion that keeps us obsessed to provide you with up to date product information from around the globe. We have tried to simplify the buying process to give you an informed site that will introduce you to the wonders of cycling regardless of your tastes.

We will not discriminate if your passion is folding bikes or you wear matching kit on your featherweight road bike to ride to the café on the weekend. All bikes have a story attached to them, some more interesting than others. We want to share those stories with you and want you to share them with us. BikeRoar will only be as good as you want it to be.

We want it to be the only cycling link in your favorite's tab, the one stop cycling community where you feel apart of something regardless of what style of cycling you participate in. We made a promise to ourselves that the articles will be new and not re-hashed, interesting and thought provoking.

It is a mammoth task creating a website that caters to all forms of cycling so we will not get it right all of the time and encourage you to let us know when we stuff up! If we have any areas you would like to see improved on and have ideas drop me a line and I will reply to you personally.

BikeRoar will be only as good as you make it. The more reviews you leave on products the more references you have to research your next purchase. Combine this with our panel of expert reviewers and you will not find a more comprehensive information and review site that covers all cycling styles. Register today!

Leave a review on a cycling product you have purchased and used. I look forward to sharing my cycling experiences with you and hearing about all of yours.

 Until then I will be J.R.A.



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