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Our Review Principles

It is BikeRoar’s goal to provide you, the cyclist, with unbiased, in-depth reviews on all types of cycling products.

We provide you with honest, expert opinions based on facts and extensive use, not the promise of advertising revenue from manufacturers.    

Our review panel consists of experienced cyclists with diverse and differing backgrounds covering all areas of the sport.  This cross section of opinions is designed to give you a clear idea of how a product works based on the BikeRoar panther paw system.

Rating is out of 5 possible panther paws and considers each of the following areas:
•    Design 
•    Features 
•    Comfort 
•    Performance 
•    Overall  

We will be putting the products through real world testing by using them as you would in a wide variety of conditions.  

Check out any of our reviews to hear us ROAR out the good, bad and the down right ugly on the latest cycling products.

In addition we want to tap into your knowledge and help you share it across the cycling community. Write your own reviews in our extensive product database.

User reviews show up along side our editor reviews and results are displayed with a rating of 1 -5 stars. Help your fellow cyclist avoid the bad and enjoy the good!   Ride on,   The BikeRoar Team


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