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Together We Rise: bicycles making a difference

A Journey That Matters: Kenyan children bicycle to school and brighter futures
In sub-Saharan Africa, 34 million children are missing out on their education. Knowledge is a way forward, and bicycles are making a difference.

Distance, dangerous routes and cultural expectations stand between many girls and their education. With bicycles, students are empowered to rise above barriers and ride together toward their futures.

A bright light shines from Umoja Secondary School in Eldoret, Kenya, where children of Christian, Muslim and traditional African faiths study together and embody their motto – "Together We Rise."

In this uplifting 3-minute video, young girls conquer their fears, push past cultural constraints, and move boldly towards their dreams – on two wheels.

For many students in rural Kenya, distance is a barrier that prevents them from going to school. With access to a bicycle, all of that changes.


But, Muslim girls in this area traditionally are not allowed to ride. In 2016, 122 students received bicycles at Umoja Secondary School. A group of Muslim girls chose to challenge cultural expectations that confined them. This is what they had to say about their newfound freedom of riding a bike:

“Owning a bicycle has changed my life a lot. I have come to face the world. It has helped me be confident. We can be ourselves, not what people want us to be.”

– Ayan, 16 years old

“It was so surprising to see the Muslim girls riding the bike. It changed my opinion because I now knew Muslim girls, they are just like us.”

– Kelly, 14 years old

“It's the magic of the bicycle. It is bringing life, encouraging students to explore their potential.”

– Catherine Makhokha, VP, Umoja Secondary School

You can empower students with bicycles to rise above and pursue their dreams. Learn more at World Bicycle Relief: Together We Rise.


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