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Shimano Australia signs Briony Mattocks as 'Di2 ambassador'

Briony Mattocks, Shimano Di2 ambassador, in action at Kowalski Classic
Briony Mattocks in action at Kowalski Classic

Shimano Australia announces Briony Mattocks as ‘Shimano Di2' ambassador.

Residing on Sydney's North Shore, Briony burst into the local MTB marathon scene in 2015 when she finished 2nd overall in the National MTBA XCM Series in just her second season of racing.

Briony has a strong drive to be the best racer she can be, and Shimano Australia believes it has the equipment to see her reach her goals.

Briony has a full schedule of competition planned for 2016 including competing in the National XCM series, Convict 100, The Willo and Kowalski Classic races.

Additionally she will represent Shimano at both the Port to Port and Cape to Cape stage races, of which Shimano is a major sponsor.

Beyond her race results Briony is a trusted voice in a broad network of cycling communities, a strong advocate for women's cycling (on and off road) and as professional in her presentation as she is in her race preparation.

2015 Race Results

  • 2nd Overall MTBA Natoinal XCM Series
  • 1st- Dwellingup 100
  • 1st – 3 Ring Circus
  • 2nd – Convict 100
  • 2nd – Bayview Blast
  • 2nd – The Willo
  • 3rd – Highland Fling


On behalf of Shimano Australia – Brand Manager Toby Shingleton said:
"Shimano is constantly looking for athletes who stand out from the competition not just because of their results but also through their dedication to the lifestyle of cycling. We feel confident that in Briony we have a partner who is as dedicated to performance and cycling as we are."

On being signed as a ‘Shimano Di2' ambassador Briony Mattocks said:
"I have long been an advocate of Shimano and I truly believe the company makes the highest quality, most reliable and innovative products for road and mountain bikes alike. Technological advancements like Di2 electronic shifting and hydraulic disc braking systems illustrate Shimano are as passionate as I am about being the best. I look forward to representing the brand locally and on the International stage in the future."

Briony will be making use of the following Shimano Australia products when racing:

  • Shimano XTR Di2
  • Shimano XTR wheelsets
  • PRO saddles/handlebars/stems
  • Shimano XC footwear
  • Shimano eyewear
  • Shimano Hydration Bags


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Anthony has over 20 years of digital and traditional marketing success in a breadth of industries, but admits all that hard work has always been just a means to support his cycling habit. An avid road cyclist since “forever”, Anthony began competing in college and continued right along, racing a few years in the U.S. at the pro level. Learn more:

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