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Valentine's Gifts for the Cycle Lover

Valentine's Day Strava-Gram
Will you ride out your love as Strava art?

Love and cycling often go hand in hand, so this Valentine's Day why not get something for that special someone in your life that says “I love you! And your bike! And your annoying 5am mid-week rides...”?

Here's a selection of items that are sure to please, from the trails and roads to your kitchen, this list has it all.

Personalized Cycling Storage Bag by Alice Palace

Available in a range of sizes, these personalized 100% natural cotton bags available on come with the message of your choice, from 'Cycling Mad Dad', to "Fiona's Cycling Crap' to "Anthony Loves His Bike'. These bags can be used to store helmets, shoes, socks and all the other paraphernalia that comes with being a bike rider.

Price: $27.50 USD / $39 AUD

Sealskinz All Weather XP Cycling Gloves

Nope, no baby fur seals were used to make these gloves, but they are super warm. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, these gloves will make Valentine's Day snugglier than ever. They are totally waterproof, windproof, and breathable, and feature a specially designed pad on the index finger and thumb to allow you to send "I love yous" on your touchscreen device.

Price: $49 USD / $60 AUD

Bicycle Pasta

Carb-load together for a romantic Valentine's dinner with this 100% durum wheat bike-shaped pasta. Available in 14oz. bags from, it's a fun addition to any meal that's a prelude to a long morning ride.

Price: $6 USD / $8.50 AUD

Bicycle Pizza Cutter by doiy

What better way to say "I love you" than sharing a pizza. Cut through your Valentine's eve pre-workout pizza with this iconic fixie pizza cutter – the front wheel slices effortlessly through dough, cheese, and all the other Valentine goodness you load your pizza up with...

Price: $19 USD / $25 AUD

Bike in the Heart Pendant

Is there anything more immortal than bikes or jewelry? We at BikeRoar sure don't think so. Let her know what's really in your heart with this sterling silver pendant and chain from Even if her love for you fades, she will forever remember her love for bikes.

Price: $59 USD / $79 AUD

Five Ten Freerider Contact Women's MTB Shoe

Go check out the Five Ten Freerider Contact mountain bike shoes for her. These awesome flat-pedal shoes are guaranteed to be love at first sight. Designed for riders who want the benefits, safety, and comfort of riding flat pedals without giving up the gripping performance of clips, the Freerider Contact shoes are light, stylish, and extremely grippy. They're also pretty cool to walk around in making them the perfect après ride date shoes.

Price: $150 USD / $189 AUD

Stages Power Meter

If the ladies love shoes, it's gadgets that will steal a man's heart. Power is the key to effective training and bragging rights and Stages Cycling have managed to harness that power in their ingenious single-crank power meters. At around half the price of most of its competitors, a Stages power meter is a definite Valentine's winner.

Price: $529 USD / $749 AUD

ABUS Bordo Centium Folding Lock

Theres nothing more attractive than security, so show your appreciation for your loved one's true love by giving them this folding lock by ABUS. The Bordo Centium is a stylish nod to ABUS' long lock making heritage, presented in a beautiful wooden case with a leather detailed bracket included. Like other locks in the Bordo family, its small and compact design can be brought anywhere anytime while providing good protection at medium theft risk. Take it on that romantic beachfront bike ride you've got planned.

Editor's Note: The Bordo Centium is available April 2016 - anyone worth loving will appreciate waiting for this functional beauty.

Price: $150 USD / $211 AUD


Even if you don't get one of these awesome gifts, make Valentine's Day extra special by going for a romantic bike ride together!



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