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  • 7idp logo


    7 Intelligent Design Protection is a U.K.-based manufacturer of protective gear for off-road cyclists. The extensive lineup includes apparel, pads, helmets, braces, and gloves. The catalogue is available from bik...

    • Nationality: UK
    • Year Founded: 2013
  • 7mesh logo


    When we look back, it was inevitable. We were a group of friends who lived in Squamish and worked in Vancouver, and we had a few things in common. We were passionate cyclists who spent pretty much all of our free...

    • Nationality: Canada
    • Year Founded: 2013
  • 83

    83 Sportswear

    83 Sportswear was founded in Baltimore, MD. In 2011 with very simple goals. To provide the recreational and competitive cyclist with the best apparel. We strive to provide you with the best customer service in th...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 2011
  • 9zero7 logo


    9:ZERO:7 is a U.S.-based manufacturer of fat bikes. There from the earliest days of the sport, the Alaska-based company produces a select range of frames in carbon and aluminum, each available as bare frames or b...

    • Nationality: U.S.A.
    • Year Founded: 2004
  • Abbey logo

    Abbey Bike Tools

    Abbey Bike Tools is a maker of high-quality, shop-grade tools. Started in 2012 by Jason Quade in Bend, Oregon, the company began with custom, one-off tools for mechanic friends. The exceptional quality of the wor...

    • Nationality: U.S.A.
    • Year Founded: 2012
  • Abus 1


    ABUS is a German lock manufacturer founded in 1924, based in the town of Wetter (Ruhr) in North Rhine-Westphalia. The name ABUS is an acronym for August Bremicker und Söhne KG. ABUS specialises in home security l...

    • Nationality: Germany
    • Year Founded: 1924
  • Academy bmx

    Academy BMX

    Academy BMX is a manufacturer of BMX bikes and parts, aimed at beginning freestylers. Starting with the single Aspire model, first sold in 2011, Academy has expanded to offer seven complete bikes and a comprehens...

    • Nationality: Australia
    • Year Founded: 2010
  • Acs logo


    American Cycle Systems is a U.S.-based manufacturer of BMX parts. Started in the 70s by a pair of aerospace engineers, ACS's first product was a pair of hubs. The company expanded its collection, reflecting the s...

    • Nationality: United States
    • Year Founded: 1975
  • Activlab logo


    Activlab Sports, part of Regis Food Technology, Inc., is a Polish manufacturer of supplements, foods and drinks designed for athletes. The catalogue includes tablets, drinks, and powders, providing everything fro...

    • Nationality: Poland
    • Year Founded: 
  • Adams logo


    Adams Trail-a-Bike is a Canadian manufacturer of bike trailers for passengers. Trailers for one and two passengers are available from bike shops throughout Canada, the U.S., and Australia.

    • Nationality: Canada
    • Year Founded: 1986
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