Trek Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1976

Trek Bicycles is not just a company that makes bikes. They don't just make bike components and accessories either. No, Trek makes products that improve the world we live in.

Trek values the place that the bicycle holds in an ever expanding population engrossed on the globalization of goods and services. Trek has a desire to increase usage of bicycles as an alternative form of transportation other than motorized vehicles. Trek realizes that motorized vehicles only contribute to the detriment of the natural ecosystem we so desperately depend upon, and they understand that there are uses for the bicycle that not only empower human beings, but improve the quality of life in communities which would otherwise suffer.

Trek's commitment to bicycles can be seen in each of the models they create. One look at a Trek road, mountain, urban, cyclocross, or touring bikes, and you can see that Trek looks at the bigger picture. Every detail, every component, and every accessory has been designed and engineering for the utmost of quality and performance. From Trek's top road and mountain machines, down to their value based models, every bike that features the Trek headtube badge can be proudly ridden knowing that it is one of the greatest bicycles in the world.

Trek began in 1976 in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Today, Trek sources their power and electricity from completely renewable sources. They encourage employees to commute by bike or carpool to work, and they base their shipping model around an idea that cuts down on fossil fuel consumption. A company that not only makes the most innovative and cutting edge bicycles also utilizes the most environmentally conscious practices in the industry. Combined with the rich history that Trek is known for, you can be proud to ride a Trek bike.


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