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  • Nationality:United States
  • Year Founded:1974

Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. or more commonly, Specialized bicycles, is quite possibly the most well known and trusted brand name in the cycling industry. The company began in 1974 when Chief Executive Officer, Mike Sinyard began importing bicycle parts from Italy to the United States. In 1976, Sinyard started to manufacture tires and graduated to building bike frames with the Sequoia and the Allez being the very first models. The Allez name still adorns a line of reliably nimble aluminum framed bicycles produced by Specialized.

Since its inception, Specialized has become one of the largest, if not the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Specialized is known for their stringent quality control and extensive testing procedures. In 2013, Specialized took their reputation to a whole new level, building a wind tunnel at their Mill Valley, California headquarters facility in order to test their bikes prior to production. The wind tunnel, or as Specialized affectionately calls it, the “win tunnel”, is often frequented by some of the world’s top athletes to dial in their aerodynamic positioning on their Specialized bicycles. 

Specialized sponsors a multitude of professional teams and athletes who excel in disciplines such as mountain biking, triathlon and road cycling. Victories by Specialized sponsored athletes include Olympic gold medals, World and National Championships, Grand Tours, and Ironman World Championships. The best riders in the world choose Specialized products because they are the most technically advanced and innovative components and bicycles on the market. 

There is no question that Specialized sits at the top of the bicycle market, however, they incorporate the same cutting edge technology and engineering into their lower priced and non-competition level bicycles and components. Whether you are just getting to know cycling or you are an athlete at the peak of the sport, there is a Specialized bicycle made for you. 

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