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Video of the Week: Anka Martin's New Zealand Adventure

Juliana are a relative newcomer to the bicycle industry. They have put all their energy into creating high performance mountain bikes for women. This video was created in team rider Anka Martin's back yard - Nelson, New Zealand - and it showcases not only some great bikes and riders, but also the stunning trails and natural environment of the second most beautiful country in the world...

Women's mountain biking is a growth sport and most companies now offer a healthy range of bikes specifically engineered in smaller frame sizes and specific geometries to cater for this increasing demand. It is great to see the creation of a company, like Juliana, devoted entirely to the creation of not only women's bikes, but women's bikes that are built for riding at the highest level.

These riders prove that the potential to grow a beard is not a prerequisite to being able to ride singletrack with speed and skill. Any mountain biking movie that inspires me to get on my bike and ride is a success...




ProfileAuthor: Christian Woodcock
Christian loves riding bikes. He has many years experience working in bike shops and has raced mountain bikes at a high level with success. These days expect to see him climbing and suffering on a road bike, or talking it up on the trails with mates.

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