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Review: Nutcase Metroride MIPS Helmet

Review of the Nutcase Metroride MIPS bicycle helmet
The Nutcase Metroride Black Tie MIPS Helmet: Tuxedo not included.
all photos by Josh Palmer

Nutcase was born under the thought that helmets should be fun with a more sleek and simple look. The Metroride MIPS is Nutcase’s premier commuting helmet for every type of urban rider. The Metroride comes in several colorways to match your riding kit or business suit, for both men and women, or if I’m remembering my rule-of-proper-dress, you match your accessories, so: belt – shoes – Nutcase helmet.

The helmet has a sleek profile that is purposeful in its design, not making unnecessary creases, folds, gaps, and edges. This has been a proven design model for a safer helmet as smooth and round helmets tend to slide during a crash which helps to lower the impact on the head and brain. Combine this smart design with MIPS and you have a safe commuting helmet that will look good with your tailored suit. There is a removable brim to keep the sun and rain out of your eyes, although it seemed a little flimsy and could easily be popped off with little pressure. The venting is big and keeps your head cool. The strap is comfortable with its soft padding and the magnetic clasp is by far the best clip you can put on a helmet like this. The helmet is light at 350 grams in the L/XL size tested, which puts it pretty close to the same weight as this cappuccino.




I took the Nutcase Metroride Black Tie for a cruise across the city to my favorite coffee/bike shop to see how it performed.

Like all helmets, fit depends a lot on the shape of your head — and my head is rather large. The Nutcase did feel relatively comfortable when I put it on, although it looks a bit like an equestrian helmet, I must admit, but we’ll chalk this up to its highbrow consumer appeal. One of the issues you can come across with a MIPS equipped helmet is the play it may have while on your head. The MIPS liner is supposed to slip and rotate during a crash to minimize the blunt force impact to your skull and brain which can result in play, or slop, in the helmet while on your head. The Nutcase Metroride MIPS did have a lot of play while on my head and riding. There is a dial adjustment and no matter how tightly I twisted the size dial, the helmet still felt a little ‘loose.’ Now, I know this is the result of a combination of things — mainly the shape of one’s head and the MIPS liner. You want some play in a MIPS helmet so it can properly do its job during a crash. The Nutcase Metroride MIPS however, seemed to have just a touch too much play on my head.



The Metroride is a unique helmet that does a great job of adding style to your upscale commute. The sleek looks and attention to detail make this helmet a nice urban choice. The MIPS liner is a good addition for added safety, however, like any helmet you want to try it on and make sure it fits your head properly with little to no slop and good coverage of your temples and the back of your head.



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Img 1496Author: Josh Palmer
Josh worked retail in the bike industry for 12 years writing in his spare time just for fun. A couple years ago Josh vowed to spend more time on his bike and through writing was able to do so. Josh spends most of his days riding all disciplines of mountain bikes in the vast terrain found all over British Columbia Canada. 29er, 650b, 26" he doesn't discriminate. Follow him on Instagram @rebel_letters.

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