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NAHBS 2016 Photos

Photos from NAHBS 2016
Photos from NAHBS 2016 by Adam Hunt | BikeRoar

The North American Handmade Bike Show (NAHBS) features the artistry, craftsmanship, and quality of handmade frames and bikes from builders around the world. This year's show was held in Sacramento, California, last month and BikeRoar was there to take get you these exclusive photos via contributor Adam Hunt. [Thanks Adam! -ed]


Alchemy Bicycle Company: Arktos - Full Suspension Mountain Bike - Best Mountain Bike Winner


Black Cat: Holy Mountain 27.5+ Hardtail


Boo Bicycles: SL-F Carbon Fatty with a Carbonara Lauf Fork


Chris King: headsets and hubs


DeKerf: Best Artisan Bike


Dirty Sixer: 36" wheeled bike for tall riders - it's endorsed by the National Basketball Retired Players Association.


English Cycles: Rob English's tribute to Graeme Obree's 'Old Faithful'


LOV Bikes: louis V lov


Magic Cycle Works: CX dropouts. Also, but not shown: It took a lot of guts to show an unfinished, lugged road frame because a paint job can cover up a myriad of sins.


Oddity Bicycles ('Burnsey' Sean Burns). For me, Oddity were one of the stand outs of the show. They had a cool vibe and seemed like good guys.


Paul Brodie: 1888 Whippet 'FOR SALE'


Razik Bikes: Vortex with intricate latticework tube structure. Razik is now using some carbon materials that were so advanced they needed to get approval from Homeland Security in order to use them.


REEB: TyREEBdonkadonk Fatbike w/ Pinion Transmission. Bikes, beer - very talented guys.


Hunter Cycles (Rick Hunter): custom paint.


Schnozzola Bikes


Steve Potts Bicycles (Steve Potts): "Son's Modern" 29er


Sycip Designs: Barbecue Bike


Ventana Mountain Bikes: El Gordo fat bike fitted with an electric motor


WH Bradford Designs (Brad Hodges): Modern klunker "Dr. Klunkenstein" with knee action fork that uses a modern Fox shock and NOS 1969 coaster brake. The bike attracted a lot of attention from the likes of Joe Breeze and Charlie Kelly.


Charlie Kelly, Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Member, checking out the W H Bradford clunker


Wheel Fanatyk (Ric Hjertberg). Ric Hjertberg bought a lot of the original "spline" style spoke nipples from the '90s and has contacted the original manufacture to have them remade and reintroduced. He says the "spline" offers a host of advantages over the standard square style spoke nipple.


White Industries. Doug White had several bikes he made during the mid seventies including an early mountain bike and a recumbent 'sofa cycle'.


We couldn't fit all the great photos into this article, but you can see them all in our Facebook photo album below:


Photos from NAHBS 2016 by Adam Hunt

Posted by BikeRoar on Tuesday, March 22, 2016


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