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Shimano Shimano Deore XT 10sp Dyna-Sys (Groupset)


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Brand Shimano
ModelShimano Deore XT 10sp Dyna-Sys (Groupset)
ColorSilver, Black


Bottom bracketSM-BB70
Brake leversBL-785 (Black & Silver Color option)
Brake rotorCentre lock - SM-RT81, 6 Bolt - SM-RT86 (both styles come in 3 different size options)
BrakesBR-M785 (Black & Silver Color option)
CassetteCS-M771-10 (Various ratio Options
CranksetFC-M780 (Various lengths and chainring ratios options)
FeaturesBrakes - Disc Brake System Calipers - BR-M785-L, BR-M785-S Levers - BL-M785-L, BL-M785-S Rotors Centre Lock - SM-RT81-L, SM-RT81-M, SM-RT81-S Rotors 6 Bolt - SM-RT86-L, SM-RT86-M, SM-RT86-S NEW DEORE XT Disc Brake Systems - Improve control, consistency and confidence with ceramic pistons and Ice-Technologies rotors and pads Brakes - V-Brake Systems Calipers - BR-M770 Levers - BL-M770 New DEORE XT super lightweight V-Brakes & Brake Levers offering superb performance for the neo-traditionalists... Cassette Sprockets CS-M771-10 Dyna-sys 10 speed HyperGlide cassettes with rider optimized gear progression. Cassette Options Option 1 Sprocket Sizes 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-36 Option 2 Sprocket Sizes 11-13-15-17-19-21-23-26-30-34 Option 3 Sprocket Sizes 11-12-14-16-18-20-22-25-28-32 Chains CN-HG94 Dyna-sys DEORE XT directional chains are designed to perfectly mesh with Shimano 10-speed HyperGlide cogs for smooth shifting and long life. Cranks 2 x 10 - FC-M785-L, FC-M785-S 3 x 10 - FC-M780-L, FC-M780-S New Dyna-sys DEORE XT 10 speed CloseStep Hollowtech II Cranksets in Rider Tuned options. 2x10 for Race or 3x10 for Trail. Front Derailleurs FD-M780, FD-M780-E, FD-M781, FD-M781-D, FD-M785, FD-M785-E2, FD-M786, FD-M786-D, FD-M781-D-L, FD-M781-L, FD-M786-DL, FD-M786-L DEORE XT Front Derailleurs are offered in many configurations to suit a range of MTB frame styles. Rear Derailleurs RD-M780-SGS-L, RD-M780-GS-L, RD-M780-SGS-S, RD-M780-GS-S Thanks to new, more direct Shadow cable routing and the reduced cable tension, Dyna-Sys is less sensitive to contamination, cable stretch and cable routing concerns, which all adds up to more consistent performance in even the roughest terrain—the kind of trails that rattle molars loose and make suspension components work overtime to keep pace. Front Hubs HB-M785-L, HB-M785-S, HB-M788-15 DEORE XT Front Hubs to suit just about any application: 20mm Thru-Axle, Oversize QR, with Center Lock rotor mounting or without. Rear Freehubs FH-M785-L, FH-M785-S, FH-M788-L, FH-M788-S DEORE XT Rear Freehubs offer Shimano's time tested angular contact bearings for fantastic real world performance, durability and easy maintenance. Shifters - Rapidfire Plus Standard Band Mount - SL-M780 i-Spec Mount - SL-M780-I i-Spec conversion - SM-SL78 (Bracket only does not come with lever) DEORE XT Rapidfire Plus Shifters: precise shifting, easy placement, removable gear indicators and multi-angle lever action in a proven ergonomic design. i-Spec combines the mounting of the gear and brake levers into a single unit. Pedals XC - PD-M780 Trail - PD-M785 New DEORE XT - Available in XC and Trail models Wheels Race - Front Std QR - WH-M785 Race - Front 15mm Thru Axle - WH-M785-F15 Race - Rear Std QR WH-M785-R Trail - Front 15mm Thru Axle - WH-M788-F15 Trail - Rear Std QR - WH-M788-R Trail - Rear 142 x 12mm - WH-M788-R12 DEORE XT Wheel sets are offered in designs to suit your riding style: all-around XC disc brake performance, and new beefy All-Mountain design. All models feature UST Tubeless compatiblity with improved spoking patterns and proven XT hub internals
Front derailleurFD-M780 (Various Mounting Options)
Hub frontStd QR or 15mm Thru Axle
Hub rearStd QR or 142 x 12mm Option
PedalsPD-M780, PD-M785  (XC & Trail)
Rear derailleurRD-M780 (Cage length & Color options)
Rims typeTrail & Race Options
ShiftersSL-M780, SL-M780-I, SM-SL78  
SkewersShimano XTR
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