Shimano Bike Parts & Accessories

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  • Nationality:Japan
  • Year Founded:1961

Shimano Inc., a Japanese manufacturer of bicycle components, was founded in 1961 and today makes up 50% of the bicycle component market. Shimano shapes the landscape for cycling component innovation with some of the best research and development available. Constantly ahead of the curve, Shimano is known for perpetually pushing the pace, literally and figuratively.  

Shimano has perfected the art of trickle down technology, meaning that their lower priced lines share similar benefits as their higher priced lines after the more expensive technology has been tried and proven. Some of the innovations that Shimano has brought to the market are index shifting, SPD pedals, dual-pivot brakes, eight, nine, and ten speed drivetrains, and integrated shift and brake levers that eventually made the downtube shifter obsolete.

From Olympic gold medals, to grand tours and world championships, nearly every major competitive cycling event has been won using Shimano components. Shimano currently makes every piece of the bicycle drivetrain including shifters, brake levers and calipers, cranks, cassettes, derailleurs, and chains. Shimano additionally manufactures wheels, shoes, pedals, eyewear, apparel, and bags.

Shimano continues to make huge leaps and bounds in cycling technology with their electronic shifting systems and cutting edge designs. Shimano functionality is reliable and dependable. Shimano remains the largest bicycle component manufacturer in the world and the standard to which all else is compared. 

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