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Ride Mechanic Bike Milk


Product Category
Brand Ride Mechanic
ModelBike Milk
Size175ml, 900ml


Features- Has excellent penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime buildup and assist lube flow thoroughout moving chain parts. - After film formation the chain stays exceptionally clean without greasy, sticky, wet residue to attract dust onto the drivetrain surfaces. - Dry film coating means no wet residue buildup which can rub off to leave dark "grease" stains. - Leaves a protective film on the crucially important internal contact surfaces of the chain between rollers, bushings, pins and plates. - Employs a "RESERVOIR EFFECT" to deliver lube into moving parts as you ride. - Perfect drivetrain lubricant for hot dusty rides (e.g. MTB) or in beach/sand conditions lasting under 4 hours. - Mix in any ratio with BIKE CREAM (durable-wet-fluid) to make customised lubricant BIKE MIX e.g. 1:4 Bike Cream:Bike Milk for endurance MTB events. - Great value for money (175ml pack) which lasts longer. - Also available in economical 900ml workshop pack. - Proudly created and made in Australia.
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