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  • Nationality:Australia
  • Year Founded:2012

Ride Mechanic is an Australia-based manufacturer of bicycle cleansers and lubes. The company's products are available from bike shops throughout Australia.

Started in 2012 after perfecting the company's first product, Bike Milk, a dry chain lube that cleans, lubricates and protects, Ride's reputation and product catalogue have both grown steadily, today offering a range of solvents, oils, greases and a slender, precise chain stretch measurement tool to riders both professional and amateur.

The chain lubes are the company's flagship products. Bike Milk and Bike Cream offer dry and wet lubrication respectively. Bike Butter, the company's heavier paste, is intended for posts, stems, and other static metal-on-metal areas. Downunder is meant for riders, keeping chafing to a minimum.

Ride Mechanic's cleansers are varied: Zalish, a cleanser/polish, excellent for frames; Avaqua repels water, leaving no residue on drying, good for disc brakes and rotors; and Bike Juice, a powerful degreasing solvent, perfect for drivetrains, or diluted for general bike use.

The chain tool is offered in two versions, for single- or multi-ring drivetrains, precisely measring stretch and clearly indicating any amount in excess of the allowable fraction of a percent. Measuring ten links at a time provides accuracy overall.

Ride Mechanic is a reliable purveyor of bike cleansers and polishes. Check out their line at your local shop and take care of your line.

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