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MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Panorama 22L

Editor's Review

The MindShift Panorama 22L: A smart bag with multiple uses


- Premium Construction
- Versatile Design
- DSLR Camera Bag
- Hydration Bladder Compatable


- Price
- Bulky for everyday use
- Hot


The MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Panorama 22L is an excellent bag for those who like to bring a DSLR camera with them on their rides. The patented Rotation 180 system allows for the waist belt to rotate free of the bag to bring its contents within easy reach on your belt line. This allows you to easily access your camera without having to get off your bike or take your back pack off. Ideally the design is meant to carry a DSLR camera system but you really could put anything from tools, food, maps, iPad, or whatever you want in its padded foam belt pack.

As a camera bag the 22L allows you to carry bigger DSLR camera systems such as the Canon 5D with a couple lenses. You won't however be able to fit a long lens, or a 1Dx in the bag. There is a place for a tripod, card holder, flashes, iPad, and pretty much whatever else you may want to bring. The main compartment has room for your jacket, lunch. tools, and with a separate velcro pouch it helps to keep you gear organized.

The bag is made from premium nylon which does a decent job of keeping the water out as is, but there is a rain cover that works with the Rotation 180 system to make the bag essentially rain proof. The fit is great on the Panorama 22L, the straps are comfortable and provide enough adjustments to fit any back or belt line. The bag sits well on your back while loaded down and riding, it stays tight against the body even while hammering down a rough trail. You can tell the bag was designed by people who actually use them for action sports and adventure photography. The hydration bladder compatibility is an excellent addition making the bag work practically as a cycling bag.

The only shortfall of the Panorama 22L is that it may be a little big for your everyday ride. You won't really want to use it as your go to riding bag, despite its ability to out-perform most cycling bags on the market. With the bag being a little bigger and heavier, it would be nice to see some better back venting, something that allows your back to breathe a little more as the bag can make you quite hot.

All-in-all the MindShift Gear Panorama 22L is a fantastic camera backpack to use while cycling. The Rotation 180 system works very well, making taking photos a lot easier while on your bike. The versatility of the bag and additional bladder storage makes the Panorama 22L an excellent choice for any rider.

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The 2016 MindShift Gear Rotation 180 Panorama 22L is a medium-sized backpack. Lightweight, roomy and durable, with a plethora of features for all cycling explorers and a number particularly for photography. The Panorama has a novel sub-pack: a beltpack, sized for cameras, fitted at the base of the pack and protected by it, with the capability of rotating round to the front for easy, quick access. Sizable, the pack's main volume is over 16 liters; lots of room for all-day trip supplies, from inclement weather layers to lunch. Photographers will appreciate the optional inserts available, converting the pack into a portable studio.
A good versatile backpack.

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