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  • Nationality:U.S.A.
  • Year Founded:2012

MindShift Gear is a manufacturer of durable carriers, intended for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. Their lines of backpacks, camera cases, rain covers and more are available from retailers on six continents, and from their online store.

Founded in 2012 by conservation photographer Daniel Beltrá and the camera bag company Think Tank Photo, MindShift was started to fill a niche, providing durable outdoor camera cases and camera-friendly rucksacks. Currently the company produces several ranges of packs, camera cases, filter cases, camera holsters, and accessories ranging from contact sheet protectors to a tripod suspension kit.

The company's packs are sturdy, weather-resistant, and camera-friendly. The last is a feature rather than a limitation; the versatility of the fittings permits full use of the space by non-photographers, be it via a removable insert or a zip-down trap door. The exception is the 180 line, ingenious packs each containing a stowing port for a camera beltpack, easily accessed without the need to unshoulder the pack.

The action camera case line is quite broad, with options for almost any collection of GoPro cameras, accessories, spares, and mounts. Pieces for batteries, cables, mounts, and LCDs are available individually or as part of bundles, the last offering steep cost savings.

Filter cases are offered to fit collections from small to large, with fittings for multiple sizes. All will fit within camera bags; among the many other options in toting is a connector that pairs with the company's backpacks. Holsters offer weather protection and easy access. Finally, the accessory line includes rain covers, inserts and straps for packs, and conveniences from waterproof memory card holders to a lens switch case.

MindShift makes reliable, durable gear, excellent for photographers and other lovers of the big outdoors. Check them out at your local shop, or explore their extensive catalogue online.

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