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16-Inch (3-6 yr. old)

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  • Skadar

    Opus skadar 252606 1

    The Opus Skadar is ready to get your little one where they want to go. The light, durable aluminum frame and fork are built for speed and durability. The light-action hand brakes, complimented by the coaster brake, offer serious stopping power to keep your speed demon safe. Add fast-rolling 16-inch wheels with gripp...

    MSRP: $269.00
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  • Helium 16

    Louis garneau f 16 boys copy 233071 11

    Start them on a lifetime of cycling enjoyment with Garneau's Helium 16. Sturdily built from kid-proof steel, it's everything a child's bike should be: easy to ride, built to last and cool-looking. This great tot rod has rugged, 16-inch steel wheels, a coaster brake, and a rear linear-pull brake to ease the transitio...

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  • Bronco 16"


    Some kids are born with silver spoon in their mouth, some are cool, just like our Brono 16. The coolest bike ever been built with its training wheels and all the cool stuff in it, what kids doesn't look and feel cool on this bike.

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  • Contessa JR 16

    Scott voltage jr 16 copy 213326 1 1

    Start your child's riding career right with Scott's Contessa Jr. 16. A sturdy aluminum frame, smooth rolling 16-inch wheels with grippy tires, and a confidence-inspiring coaster brake help junior learn the ropes.

    MSRP: $249.99
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  • Mystic 16

    Trek mystic 16 2015

    Trek's Mystic 16 will get the little ones excited with its style and accessories, and keep parents happy with the legendary Trek build quality. The Mystic features a tough steel low stepover style frame and a matching fork. A singlespeed drivetrain keeps things simple, and both hand- and coaster-brakes add safety. 1...

    MSRP: $219.00
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  • Downtown 16

    Haro downtown 16 copy 239147 1

    The 2016 Haro Downtown 16 is a BMX freestyle bike. Sized for smaller or younger riders, the all-high-tensile steel frameset has a 16.4" top tube, with commensurately sized cranks and bar. The black is the more spectacular of the offered color schemes, all componentry also in black, with the notable exception of the ...

    MSRP: $299.99
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  • Kit 16

    Fuji kit 16 girls copy 239877 1

    Fuji’s stylish Kit 16 will make your little one the talk of the neighborhood. Its reliable and fun-riding steel frame and easy-rolling 16-inch wheels makes the Kit perfect for trips to school, the park or weekend cruises around the neighborhood. Its easy-to-use coaster brake gives them ample stopping power while the...

    MSRP: $220.00
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  • Laguna (16-inch)

    Gt laguna 16 inch copy 198601 1

    GT's Laguna is a great-riding, stylish bicycle. It has a quality GT frame, easy-rolling wheels and durable components so you'll be able to hand this bike down to siblings and friends. Plus, there's a comfortable seat, adjustable handlebars, a fully-enclosed drivetrain to keep clothes clean and heavy-duty training wh...

    MSRP: $205.00
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  • Lily 16

    Raleigh lily 16 276857 1

    Raleigh's Lily is a stylish mini mountain bike that's great for getting your child into riding. It boasts an easy-pedaling, lightweight aluminum frame, quality 16-inch wheels and a simple-to-operate single speed drivetrain to help on the hills. Plus, the low stand-over frame, grippy knobby tires, and easy-to-reach l...

    MSRP: $229.99
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  • Jazzi 16

    Raleigh jazzi16 2015 01

    The Jazzi 16 is a tough and ready first bike for the young riders in your life. This rugged machine features kid-sized parts and the durability to keep parents happy. It's got an aluminium frame and a steel fork. Add in the sweet styling, and you've got a winner! Raleigh keeps things low maintenance with the singles...

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