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  • Checkpoint ALR 5

    Trek checkpoint alr 5 329409 1

    Checkpoint ALR 5 is the best value gravel bike in the lineup. It's a high-quality build that will that hold up for long, rugged miles on pavement, dirt, and even the most treacherous gravel roads. But what sets this model apart is the performance parts and the wealth of features like adjustable Stranglehold dropouts...

    MSRP: $1,999.99
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  • RLT 9 RDO 4-Star

    Rlt9rdo 4star ultegra black 1200x757

    Redefining what gravel can be. The new RLT 9 RDO. Seriously. Who doesn’t like a diversion? Something different. A different perspective. A change of pace. We designed the new RLT 9 RDO to encourage diversion. You want to go hard and fast? We encourage it. How about long and adventurous? Please do. Need a change of p...

    MSRP: $5,000.00
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  • AIR 9 RDO 2-Star

    Air9rdo 2star eagle orange 2400x800

    The [R]Evolution geometry of the AIR 9 RDO caters to the racer and rider who places a premium on a snappy, race day whip. Following the lead of the redesigned RKT 9 RDO, the new AIR drops the handlebar height to put the rider in the attack position and ready to charge. Lengthening the cockpit and slackening the head...

    MSRP: $3,300.00
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  • AIR 9 RDO 1-Star

    Air9rdo 1star eagle orange 2400x800

    Niner's history is rooted in the evolution of mountain biking. From the introduction of our first hardtail, we've worked tirelessly to push the limits of what people think is possible when it comes to the construction, geometry and handling of premium bicycles. The [R]Evolution that began with the RKT 9 RDO continue...

    MSRP: $2,800.00
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  • AIR 9 RDO Frame

    Air9rdo frame orange 2400x800

    The new AIR 9 RDO is a product of the [R]Evolution of our classic twenty-niner hardtail. We've learned so much since the early days and applied that knowledge of geometry and materials to meet the ever-changing demands and riding styles of the modern mountain biker. What we've created is undoubtedly the best race an...

    MSRP: $2,000.00
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  • Path Racer 2 Heritage Bike

    Malvern star path racer 2 heritage gunmetal 01 2018

    With styling and features inspired by Malvern Star racers of the 30’s and 40’s, we’ve overlaid a more contemporary, easy-ride geometry to ensure the Pathracer 2 Heritage Bike is as practical as it is cool. The almost ‘invisible’ Sturmey Archer 2 speed Kickshift gearing adds versatility and the Malvern Star leather, ...

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  • Oppy S Heritage Bike

    Malvern star oppy s heritage blue 01 2018

    The brand new Oppy S Heritage Bike features a lightweight, retro-cool, butted Cr-mo frame and lugged fork with disc brakes. Dialled ‘gravel’ geometry, combined with wide rims and rubber, makes it equally at home out in the dirt, or thrashing through the city traffic. Smartly designed frame with eccentric bottom brac...

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  • Skidstar GT-R Heritage Bike

    Malvern star skidstar gt r heritage orange 01 2018

    This one’s been a long time in the making. Like almost 50 years. Skidstar GT Heritage Bike was one of our most iconic bikes of the last 60s/early 70s. Anyone who owned one of these was the envy of the neighbourhood. So revered is the Skidstar that collectors and restorers still meet up in parks today to show their r...

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  • Porter 1 Heritage Bike

    Malvern star porter 1 heritage black 01 2018

    With a Shimano drivetrain and a heritage inspired, light alloy, retro-styled frame, the Porter 1 Heritage Bike blends the sophisticated looks of the original Porteur delivery bikes, with modern functionality. Featuring custom bamboo fenders, a modular front rack and custom delivery bag, the Porter has also been desi...

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  • Path Racer 1 Heritage Bike

    Malvern star path racer 1 heritage blue 01 2018

    Pushing a classic single speed gear on a full Chromoly frame and fork, the Path Racer 1 Heritage Bike will truly take you back in time. With modern, 700C polished, double wall alloy rims, versatile ‘flip flop’ handlebars and a fully adjustable stem, you can set it up to cruise the gravel paths, or race through the c...

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